The colonial bistro & Lounge is a place where we serve international cuisine and a very friendly environment. Our upcoming Hostel is a nice addition and we would love to learn your abilities of cooking and willing to exchange our expertise and local cuisine. It’s a very spacious place and the whole hostel area is only for the in-house guests so volunteers can have their own private time uninterrupted.

Am a friendly and a outgoing person with a passion for hospitality industry. I really enjoy my work and i want people with a friendly attitude who's willing to helpout our guests. We work in a very friendly way so people will get a homely experience.


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My stay at utopia was really nice. Yohan is one of most kind and helpful person I ever met. Tasks was easy - take orders, wash dishes and little help in kitchen. Im not so handy person but I make it with some help from Yohan & other staff ♥️ thank you for make my stay in sri lanka more meaningful.

21 days ago



If you wanna experiment what is life and work here in Sri Lanka is a good place to choose. The restaurant is located in a really good spot so you'll work with nice views to the beach (perfect to sunset lovers). If you are looking for a good room and good and diferent local meals every day, it's not your place. But if you want to feel how is the local life here, how they life and eat when they're working, it's a good place to reflect and to work your social and cultural conscience. I learned a lot, about culture, about life, about myself. Thank you very much! See you!

22 days ago

Yohan replied

Izar was a wonderful human being and a hard worker.. She never compromise any work and was always very enthusiastic about work. Thank you and wish you all the best.



Yohan‘s restaurant is a real gem and the food is amazing!
I couldve not wished for a better, more respectful host, I felt comfortable and safe the whole time! Yohan took me to some social events and I owe him a lot of amazing friendships :)
The work in the restaurant was really fun too, sometimes busy, sometimes a bit quiet but its right at the beach, basically paradise.

Thank you for having me, and I hope we ll meet again🫶🏼

28 days ago



I had a great time at Utopia. Yohan is a great host, he is always very cheerful and friendly.
I was there in the offseason so I didn’t have much to do. Therefore, I would recommend that travelers go in season, from the second half of November.

3 months ago

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