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CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) WE ACCEPT YOU AS A GUEST ON THE FOLLOWING BASIS 1. You have been in Western Australia for AT LEAST one month before you apply. 2. YOU HAVE ZERO FLU LIKE SYMPTOMS or any other symptoms commonly associated with the Coronavirus 3. EVERYONE HERE IS UNDER VOLUNTARY LOCK-DOWN - if you come here You are required to remain in our house, you MAY go for a walk – as a couple – OR – by yourself - you must NOT stop and talk with anyone. 4. You will have your own private room, with either a single or in the case of couples, a double bed. 5. IF you choose to go out – for example to Perth. You must take your bags with you, YOU WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO RETURN TO OUR HOUSE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. 6. We have been doing “social networking” for many years. Hence we want to continue offering a place to stay. The work that we used to offer people has dried up. 7. All we are going to do, going forward is offer a “SUPER LOW” accommodation option, ALL you will be required to do is “CHORES”. 8. WE ARE UNABLE TO PAY FOR YOUR STAY IN AUSTRALIA. What we will do is charge you $25 per night for FULL BOARD (Single). OR $20 per night EACH for a couple, sharing the same bed in the same room. 9. FULL BOARD MEANS: You will have ALL your meals cooked for you. Fruit, snacks, tea(s) Coffee etc.. are also provided. We do NOT offer a Menu, like a cafe or hotel. It is a family home and a we adapt to our guests. 10. You will be asked to sign, that you acknowledge these rules. If you choose not to you will be asked to leave. I ACCEPT and AGREE to THE ABOVE:-_____________________________/_____________________________ 7. Please answer ALL questions on this page, when you request a stay with us. These are difficult times for us all - as I write over 10,000 people have died, amongst these, Iran is bucking the trend, with a significant number of "younger" deaths. Death is no longer just an old persons concern. (¯`·._.·(¯`·._.·Why Would You Want To Come Here AND Who Can Stay Here? ·._.·´¯)·._.·´¯) Whatever Country, whatever Race, whatever Colour, whatever Religion (or NO Religion), whatever planet you come from, whatever Gender, including of course the FULL range of human sexual and gender diversity, you are VERY welcome. We value and respect our “differences” (amongst human beings that respect each other). We WELCOME challenging conversation, where no subjects are taboo!! If you live inside the box OR outside the box we want to meet you… (¯`·.·´¯) YOUR WORK COMMITMENT (¯`·.·´¯) NONE DUE TO CORONAVIRUS GENERAL Like all "hosts" we know, We ALSO ask that you assist with regular household "chores". So what does this mean? - (when you are home) - please help prepare meals, peel potatoes, chop onions/garlic etc., Sweep floors, mop floors, clean toilet/shower.++ FOOD: (PLEASE NOTE: Use of our kitchen is not included in your stay – it costs us far too much) When you write to us, please include your answers to the questions on this page:- THIS IS ESSENTIAL: Like you need to know a little about Mal & Lee. We also need to know some things about you: Please include your answers to the following questions:- 1. Please let us know your skills and how you think you can help us + your willingness to help with "chores".. 2. A firm date you can start - preferably no more than two weeks into the future. Plus, what is the minimum time, you feel, you can stay for. 3. Please let us know your vegan status and/or willingness to eat ONLY vegan during your stay with us. 4. Any allergies or any health issue you think we should know?? IMPORTANT!! 5. Your location NOW and when you arrived in Australia. 6. Your acceptance of the daily $$$$$ charge. (¯`·.·´¯) MORE INFORMATION FOR OUR GUESTS (¯`·.·´¯) NOTE: These pages have NO contact details - We ONLY accept contact via WORLDPACKERS • HOUSE RULES: • MENU: • WORK: • MORE REFERENCES: Finally: smokers - we are none smoking home. Warm regards - Mal & Lee

We are not a business, we have no staff and we are NOT a vegan community - I had no control over the title of my listing. I place this here as I have no wish to mislead. You will be treated with "mutual" respect and as a family member.

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