Villa alle novaline

It's an experience that allows you to connect with nature, meet fellow volunteers , live in a historical building and enjoy the local culture

I have been hosting volunteers for many years because for me meeting people from around the world is like going around the world without traveling ! In my other lives I have traveled a lot, lived and studied in different countries, been a professional photographer, and finally moved to this beautiful spot of the world to raise two kids on my own. My family runs a hospitality business in a very big old house which sits on a hill. I offer lots of space to volunteers and expect that they share household responsibilities with me and my family (which include cooking and cleaning the kitchen and other common areas )


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Marianna is very generous and nice, who's willing to share Italian culture. The villas and the nature are beautiful (I believe it would be much more gorgeous in spring or summer).
During the high season it would be a bit stressed, and distribution and arrangement of bed sheets, rugs...could be more organized, otherwise everything is perfect and relaxed.
Time is flexible and you are able to explore cities nearby. Though it takes more time on transportation, it's still available. Neighbors are kind and it's a plus if you can also speak Italian or Deutsch.
Overall it is a lovely experience!

about 1 month ago



I had an amazing experience and Marianna and Diana really made me feel at home. Her neighbor Wilfred is also a lovely man to be around. I had lots of opportunities to explore the area and beautiful nature. Overall a really good experience and would definitely recommend.

2 months ago



I had a great time at the ancient villa in the mountains. The surroundings and general atmosphere of the place are very beautiful. There was lots of space for me to explore and I always discovered something new.
The host Marianna and her daughter welcomed me to their home and let me grow part of it and the place. I‘m very grateful for that.
When it came to the working schedule Marianna was flexible on the times which gave me the possibilty to use my free time the way I desired.
Overall, this has been a very special experience to me and it made me discover a lot about me and this world.

3 months ago



Great experience in terms of location (stunning nature around) and people in the place. Work was manageable, however, if you are the only volunteer be prepared to spend most of the time by yourself. Living space and communication is good. Thank you!!

5 months ago



my first Worldpackers experience has been amazing thanks to marianna! the workload is definitely manageable and the working hours is very flexible too. Through this experience I managed to meet some locals and made some new friends :) The villa itself is huge and the view of the mountains are just mesmerising. I would definitely recommend marianna's place for other people to gain new experience!

5 months ago

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