Villa Augusta Sicily

Volunteers can stay in a very nice place, in contact with nature, animals (cause we have 2 dogs and 1 cat), near the beach. They will help in the open air, such as gardening, olive harvest in October, that is a very nice experience. As our guests are foreigners and also Italian, they can have the possibility to speak not only Italian but also English, french and german, and increase their level. We're in the middle of Catania and Syracuse, so they can visit and know this part of Sicily that is wonderful.

As I travelled very much, I know what this means stay in a new country with a new culture. I work with volunteers from years, some of them stay more than 1 year, and they become part of the family.

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The location wasn’t as I expected. If you want to get out of the city and enjoy nature this will be for you. If you want to be able to leave the property you need to know how to drive a manual, they have cars on the property but I don’t know how to operate a manual, luckily another volunteer did so we were able to check out nearby beaches.Manolo was the manager in charge and he did a great job at making feel welcomed and he is very organized. If he was staying at the property longer I would recommend it. Andrea is the owner and I don’t recommend working with or for him. Horrible communicatio

5 days ago



I felt welcomed since the beginning. Manolo, the manager, is a very cool guy. I had lots of fun with him and the other volunteers. Some of the tasks were kinda hard to me and he always understood and respected it. I had a great time and I fully recommend it. ;)

16 days ago



La villa es hermosa, el staff es muy atento y siempre dispuesto a ayudar, los lugares que conoci son unicos, me llevo un buen recuerdo de sicilia con nuevos amigos.

24 days ago

United States


I really loved my time at the Villa. Manolo was very kind and did a great job showcasing different parts of the island. The tasks at times were difficult since the sun during the day could be intense however Manolo was always kind and brought volunteers water and checked in. This felt like a home away from home with the talks around the meal table to the adventures in town. I loved visiting the sea with the other volunteers and taking in the local culture. Bring lots of sunscreen and be prepared to have lots of laughs.

about 1 month ago



Estoy totalmente agradecida de haber estado en la villa 3 semanas. Me llevo amistades de por vida ❤️

about 2 months ago

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