Villa Eshta

We are a charming hostel located right next to the beach in beautiful San Juan, Puerto Rico. We are currently going through a transitional phase and updating a lot of our units and modifying some procedures. Come help make a difference in an evergrowing community. We are located one block away from the up-and-coming Calle Loiza (Loiza Street) - full of eateries, bars, supermarkets, fruit stands, restaurants, and cafes. Most things are within walking distance, or a very cheap Uber ride away. Check out the iguanas in the streets of San Juan. We harvest our own basil/oregano in our garden, we practice Spanish/English with locals, and we encourage artists to let out their creativity with some mural paintings. There's heaps to do, and so much to learn in terms of Puerto Rican culture/history/museums/cuisine.

We are social and familiar. We like to make all our staff and guests feel part of a community, so in the evening we all hang out in the patio and later there is always the opportunity to explore Calle Loiza together. We know as a volunteer you are away from home, so any necessity you may have, feel free to communicate it to either the manager or the owner. We always make our best to make Villa Eshta a home.

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Walid has a great place in Villa Eshta where you will be welcomed as family!

20 days ago



Amazing decision to do it at Villa Estha!
Loved this place, the people and the experience of exploring Puerto Rico!!!
I was working mainly at the bar and it was relatively easy.
The owners of the Bar (Walid and Rendal) are so nice and caring you can ask them anything if you need help.

The hostel is very close to the beach and to the Party Zone so everything can be reached quickly.

23 days ago

United States


I am so happy to have picked Villa Estha as my first worldpackers trip. I felt welcomed from the moment I arrived. Walid, Stoney, Gen, and Randall were all amazing and super sweet! They are so supportive and are always there if you need anything.
You are able to work your shifts and still be able to explore the island on your free time. I’ll miss everyone there and the volunteers :,)

27 days ago

United States


WOW!!! This trip was one for the books. Walid is an amazing host he has truly built a family environment at Villa Eshta and I can’t thank him enough for hosting me there. If you have the chance to go, do it you won’t regret it. Puerto Rico has beautiful scenery, culture and people definitely coming back!!

28 days ago



Volunteering at Villa Eshta for 5 weeks has been hands down one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. I was working at the reception while I was there and the managers were very flexible in allowing me to work mostly evening shifts because I was also doing an online internship during my stay in PR which I did during the day :) Walid and the other staff are extremely kind, supportive, and friendly, and they were very understanding even when I'd make silly mistakes! The other volunteers were like my family and we were able to experience everything that the island had to offer!!!!!!!

about 2 months ago

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