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We leave in a rural area in the village surrounded by Nature and Maasai culture, if your are looking for a quiet place full of nature this is the best one for you. welcome. Things to be aware here in Africa-Tanzania don’t expect electricity every day, Don’t expect water everyday because some time it went off, Don’t expect good networking connections as it slowly even if it’s a wifi and some time no network this all happens In rural and urban areas. Another thing people will be staring at you and greeting you every time don’t worry about it, it our culture you’re all warmly welcomed. Food is delicious here come and test the difference.

My name is Kenny im trustful and charming, I like welcoming volunteers in my country to help them we there skills, projects and other tasks and any project they are looking for. I love to receive volunteers because they provide a huge impact on our community and change our life. welcome. HAKUNA MATATA


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Kenny and all his family are the most beautiful people I’ve ever met🌟
Tanzania is an amazing country with really welcoming and kind people ! Arusha was superb !
I’ve visited farm and church and a looot of local places (like the big local market).
I loved all the time I passed with the children and the mamas at the orphenage. People are just incredible✨
We were doing classes, lunch, cleaning areas, playing with them and also doing laundry.
What the family shared with me was unforgettable. All the culture history, the food tips and a lot more.
I will never forget you🧡

6 months ago

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