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We are an NGO located in Mwanza, Tanzania, with a vision of Empowering community to achieve their goals through Education, Economic Empowerment, social life skills
and entrepreneurship skills.
We are currently running 2 projects:
1. The school project: real more https://www.fohuso.org/volunteering-in-africa
The school has been started on November 2021. It is for the most vulnerable children in the area and we provide free education, one meal per day, and free school supplies. Now we have 20 children, but we expect to be 30 by this year. They ages are from 2 to 5 years old and they love having visitors and volunteers at the school. What we expect from the volunteers is to assist the teacher with preparing and doing the classes, play with them and giving them all the love!
2. The entrepreneurship program:
This project is oriented to the mothers of the kids we have at the school and the aim is to provide them the skills to run their own business or to get a boost on their local business. Also in this project we try to create a close knit community which always try to help each other when its needed.
In this project you will be part of the community visiting their local businesses and knowing more about their daily problems. The classes are once or twice a week and you will lead the class in order to guide all the knowledge into ideas translating it into efficiency and a better quality of their lives.

Other projects are still on their initial stages and pending to get the funds to start with.

As our mission is always to help the community, we are completely open to new ideas and suggestions.
Click to know https://www.fohuso.org/volunteering-in-africa


At FOHUSO we work as a dedicated team to assist you with the necessary and to help your stay with us run as smoothly as possible. On sight we have a Volunteer Coordinator, a caretaker and an Information and Communications officer. We believe in community and family, thus all our volunteers are treated as part of the community and family. Volunteers will receive free Swahili (our native language) lessons at the school. They will also be in contact with local colleagues, who will show them around and teach them Tanzanian culture so as to easily navigate their stay within our local community. Fohuso.org


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Thank you so much Worldpackers for the opportunity to explore Tanzania. I have enjoyed extending my graphics designing skills, social media pages management to help the world come to volunteer. Mr. Lio has been very supportive. He is an understanding man with great communication skills. He is very opportunistic with great dreams for the kids at FOHUSO -Tumaini Junior School.
I recommend volunteers to join we share and learn !!!

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