Watermill Garcia

old restored mill in paradisiac surrounding. Nature, river, waterfall. Calm place to contact with the nature and in summer with guests and pilgrims who pass through.
As well looking for housesitters in winter.

I am german and running this little albuerge at the camino Portugues since 2017. Since the very beginning and even before, when I built up the place, I made good experiences with volunteers, so far they are committed with the deal as I am too. I offer fair treatment but expect as well from the volunteers to fullfill their part. Make no mistake; due vast experience I figure very fast wether a volunteer sticks with the agreement or not. Bed for free. According to the daily working hours volunteers provide their own food or enjoy full board service. Self supply when you work relaxed 3h/day, 5 days the week and full board when you work, 5h/day 5 days the week. Mixed option as well possible. Always depending on the labor needs, but as well the skills and motivation of the volunteers. In summer only 1 volunteer. As well looking for housesitters in winter.

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Nikolaus did receive me very well, he’s very generous and kind, sociable, respectful, flexible and such a good cooker. I did feel like being home, he cares a lot about provides a good staying for your volunteers. Thanks so much for the short and precious moments we had together, I really appreciate it and it was a pleasure to me contributing to the development and improvement of the project. Danke Bruder! :) 🙏🏽

14 days ago



Lamentablemente no pude quedarme mucho por un problema personal. Niko es buena persona muy respetuoso de los tiempos y condiciones personales, vivió conmigo un momento terrible de mi vida personal y fue completamente comprensivo del motivo por el cual debía irme. Admiro su capacidad de vivir en un lugar tan inhóspito y alejado , me recordó a mi padre, mis mejores deseos a él y su proyecto

about 2 months ago

United Kingdom


This was my first volunteering experience and I could not have felt more welcomed. It is a beautiful property and very peaceful. Nikolaus is an amazing host, was very friendly and is a great cook aswell. All in all it was a great experience and I would recommend to anyone looking to spend some time out in nature.

2 months ago

United States


I had such a nice time volunteering here! I came during the off season so there wasn’t many guests so it was quiet, but I enjoyed it a lot! It was very peaceful. I painted a couple of the doors during my stay which I had so much fun with! Meals were always delicious and the bedroom was so comfortable and cozy! Also, There are 2 cats that live there and both are the SWEETEST! 🥺❤️
I always felt cared for and safe! :D If you are comfortable with spending a lot of time in peace and solitude and in nature, then I recommend volunteering here! Just bring a book 📚 ❤️💐Thanks for everything!!

3 months ago



I had a great experience. Nikolaus was very respectful, kind and always willing to help. The place is also beautiful and has a very pleasant environment, excellent for resting, reading and studying. Simply grateful for everything.

5 months ago

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