If you love farm life and outdoor sports - summer and winter - this is the place for you! You will have daily interaction with my animals - both the dogs in the house and the farm animals outside - and we are surrounded by lots of great skiing, mountain biking, swimming, hiking, climbing, and very close to Burlington and Lake Champlain.

You will be part of my family while you are here. There may just be the two of us during the day while work is being done, but it can be a surprisingly busy household nonetheless!


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My first experience as a worldpackers and couldn’t be better! Jill is very funny and patient to explain the choors, she is also very smart about the farm life so she taught a lot! David is also very funny (has the best jokes) and is a fantastic cook, all the meals that he prepared while was there was delicious. I’m very grateful for this experience and I hope I can come back soon!


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I had so much fun with Jill and her family! I’m very much adorned to the farm life, and this experience was just that. The whole family was great, funny, and real. I would recommend this place! And I’ll be coming back :)


Jill replied

Thanks! We loved having you. You were such a great help! I hope you can make it back soon. :)

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