WEEDO-Women Empowering and Entrepreneurship Development Organization

First of all, our place is located in semi-urban, one of the benefits is to have experience in the village and the city at the same time, we are close to the beach, it's only less than 40 minutes to be at the Dar es salaam city center. We have more than 20 and less than 30 girls in the center, our staff speaks good English, and they are so kind. For us volunteering is not only about working but also learning and experiencing other cultures, can be able to visit some local traditional houses and community and you can be able. Our staffs are so kind, committed and trustworthy. we offer an outreach program whereby our guests will get an opportunity to visit several families to share and exchange ideas about life, sport, and the way of living this includes culture and traditions. it's easy to make new friends and expand your network.

We are friendly, committed, trustworthy, and hard work, we are available 24/7 to guide and give assistance to our guests. we are happy to give explanations or clarification over issues that are not understandable.

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I could have a very rewarding time here as a volunteer. Because the period when I joined WEEDO was one of their busiest seasons.
In addition to that, unfortunately, we had blackouts and unstable Wifi many times due to the historic drought.
These challenging situations made us collaborate more productively. WEEDO staff provided directions precisely and simply. Volunteers were asked to do more voluntarily. As a result, we could do a pretty productive job building up good relationships. I hope we collaborate again for WEEDO and the users.

6 months ago



My experience was simply amazing. I have instantly like home away from home.
Everyone at WEEDO has always been kind, friendly and willing to help.
I have had a wonderful experience with each person I have met.
I have created amazing memories that won’t ever fade away. I highly recommend it. Trust me, you won’t regret!

8 months ago

Rehema replied

Thank you so much Maria, we hope we will see you again. Thank you for such being wonderful human being



WEEDO is a beautiful project with young girls from Tanzania who are part of a very challenging environment. Me and my girlfriend stayed there for 2 weeks helping with their social media and content creation. It was an unique experience and we had a great time with the girls and also with all the team, who are incredible people.
- They really live their purpose and care for the girls
- They are extremely open to new ideas and feedback
- The location is awesome (3km from the beach).
- They could have a bit more structure to the girls, making sure they are always on class.

9 months ago



I've had such a great time in Weedo. It's been really enriching teaching the girls, and also learning from them. I would recommend this experience to everybody who wants to get culturally involved, because the project has true impact in the community. I cannot do less than appreciate the work the staff is doing, it is something very valuable. I've felt there like home and I'm looking forward to coming back one day.

10 months ago



i really admire the project Rehema have created and the intention of it, although as a volunteer i felt a little bit lost about how to connect with the community and i missed some guidance and company to know all the traditions and famous places bc i think maybe it’s hard to get used with it as a foreigner. By the way it is a bit far away than what it appears on the map but bc it is difficult to locate the exact point of locations but would be good to know. Also I admire the energy and the good vibes of Wariowa, always trying to improve and to find new ways to improve the project.

10 months ago

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