Whalesong Kealakekua Bay Big Island Hawaii

A beautiful eco friendly 5 acre property with the most beautiful views of the ocean coastline and Kealakekua Bay on the Big Island of Hawaii! People travel the world to swim, snorkel, hike. Watch the dolphins frolic and hear the whales breach right from the property. Top Notch accommodation.

We are in the process of revitalizing the mana on the property as well as fixing the broken. We move at a fast pace here and need help restoring the property by cleaning, tree pruning, planting, etc. The place is a true paradise with the most beautiful sunsets, but be prepared to co-exist with the bugs that live here :)


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I had a rewarding experience at Whalesong Sanctuary. I was lucky that the house was full of volunteers (long and short term), witch made all the difference. We have a really good infrastructure here so you'll feel like home.

Joanne has a generous heart and will trust and earn your respect with time. The begging was not the easiest one, but we got along on the way and I'm thankful for what this volunteer here added to my background.

The job was cleaning and gardening, it's important to set your work hours from the beginning to avoid misunderstandings and you can enjoy your time here the most.

5 months ago



My experience at the Whalesong was amazing! I planned and applied for 3 Weeks but I end up staying 2,5 month! A was warmly welcomed from the first day! After that time it felt for me like my second home! I met amazing people there and made friends!

The work was like I expected and so much fun with my colleague Altar! Almost every day after work I headed down to the Bay to Swim and Freedive! If you want to get around more than the Bay I highly recommend a rental Car! The public transportation is free but does not work very well! Keep that in mind!

I definitely would stay again!!!

5 months ago

Joanne replied

Nico was an amazing asset to Whalesong property in ALL ways! He followed direction, was super skilled, and carries many handyman talents. If he was not sure of how to fix or install something he would ask or learn, investigate and come up with even a truly better solutions then we could imagine. Nico was joyful, fun ,very kind and unwavering in showing a positive attitude to every single person he encountered on and off the property. He kept his personal, communal and work areas impeccably clean and organized. Our caretaker, said Nico has been been the very best volunteer we he has ever experienced. We all miss you Nico and thank you so much for blessing our life’s in so many ways professionally and socially. May your incredible zest for life bring you the happiest new future adventures.



Whalesong is a wonderful place where you find total connection with nature. Joanne is a very special person because she is concerned all the time that you are comfortable and enjoying the experience. The schedules and tasks are very flexible, you would only recommend to establish clear responsibilities for each team member to make the work more efficient. Hawaii is beautiful and there is a lot to see.

8 months ago



A very beautiful retreat property at the mountainside that needs lots of love and care. <3 I loved the place, the owner and my coworkers. We had a great time with painting, weeding, housekeeping and other little jobs.
If you love nature and want to connect to yourself, it will be the perfect place for you. It’s really quiet, jungle like and beautiful. Best sunsets ever! Bring a car and mosquito-spray.

12 months ago

Joanne replied

Katie is a very hard worker. She performed every project diligently. We feel very thankful and blessed for all her contributions to the property.
Wishing you the best if times and FUN in your new adventures Katie!



I am a traveler and it's been a long time since I left home, but here I have found a beautiful home. My experience here was so rich and memorable.
Joanne and Michael were the BEST hosts I ever had. They were so loving, flexible, communicative, kind-caring... Even the guests were great to me
The job was diverse, I did what needed to get done in the moment, from painting to managing other volunteers. Also housekeeping, sewing, decorating, and weeding. The accommodations were a big private room with amazing views of the ocean <3
They are looking for someone that can take care of the place!

about 1 year ago

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