Wild Burro Rescue

This opportunity is perfect for animal lovers, photographers, hikers, outdoor adventurers, travel bloggers, nature lovers, bird watchers, stargazers, off grid wannabes, dreamers, boondockers, writers and just about any other type of person who loves working in the great outdoors and making a difference in an animals life. There are lots of incredible hikes and great photo opportunities in and around the property that will also be available to you during your stay. Nights at the sanctuary are even more spectacular, with dark skies perfect for stargazing and capturing glimpses of the Milky Way. Owens Valley, where our sanctuary is located, is full of cool places to explore and the Eastern Sierra and Death Valley National Park are both just a short hike or drive away.

About our sanctuary: In 1990, Diana Chontos quit her job and took her six burro rescues on a 500 mile wilderness trek to educate the public about the issues that threatened their existence. Towards the end of that trek they learned that 14 wild burros on US Fish and Wildlife Service land were designated for removal and slaughter. And thus began, Wild Burro Rescue and Preservation Project. From 1987 through 1994 the National Park Service at Death Valley admitted to shooting over 400 Death Valley wild burros using a removal policy called "direct reduction." Thousands were routinely shot by NPS rangers, contract hunters or placed into congested adoption facilities where many died in the process. Who knew living was a crime? Diana negotiated with NPS to suspend burro shootings annually, so long as, Wild Burro Rescue successfully conducted live-capture rescues, on her dime. Diana has helped rescue, preserve and re-home thousands of wild burros from roundup, slaughter or neglect. Located 30 minutes off the grid outside of Lone Pine, CA, the sanctuary is now home to 200 burros, horses, mules, dogs and one cow. We have no employees and we would not be here today if it were not for our dedicated volunteers and donors.

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