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Recibimos voluntarios todo el año. Ahora estamos construyendo casas para nuestros alojamiento. Ahora, debido a la alta demanda, estamos recibiendo voluntarios solo por 15 días máximo.

PLEASE READ OUR PROFILE CAREFULLY! We receive volunteers all year round. We are currently constructing houses to expand our lodge. At the moment, due to high demand we are only accepting volunteer stays for maximum 15 days. Please! When you come here you are expected to work 4 hours per day! We also ask for S/.15. soles per day towards food costs. PLEASE NOTE: If you do not wish to work you will be required to pay s/.25.00, for day. At the moment we can host you in our family house, which is also a lodge. We provide a comfortable bed and shared bathroom, as well as three meals a day - breakfast, lunch and dinner. The house is very rustic so expect surroundings which are typical to a Peruvian family living in the countryside. Advantages of living here are our close proximity to the mountains and archaeological ruins, as well being surrounded by beautiful scenery. We have a few requirements during our stay: - Basic Spanish is required! Not all of our family speaks English, so this is important to communicate with the rest of our family, particularly our mother! - We are currently constructing houses to expand our lodge, so you can expect to work approximately 4 hours per day. Also, you can learn different things from us! - You can learn to speak our native language Quechua - Also there is the opportunity to learn different skills relating to agriculture, craft and cooking! We also organise spiritual ceremonies using the traditional plants including the San Pedro cactus and Ayawasca; and tours to nearby mountains and lakes. Eye this Ceremony Organization does not include in the work of Volunteering. The cost is very particular. We look forward to hearing from you! ---------- Recibimos voluntarios todo el año. Ahora estamos construyendo casas para nuestros alojamiento. Ahora, debido a la alta demanda, estamos recibiendo voluntarios solo por 15 días máximo. Por favor! Es una expectativa que trabajar 4 horas por día aquí! Si no desea a trabajar aquí, se le requerirá pagar s/.25.soles por día. Podemos hospedarse en nuestra casa que también es un alojamiento. Proveemos una cama muy confortable y baño compartido. La casa es muy rustico entonces esperarse alrededores que son típicos de una familia que viven en el campo. Ventajas de vivir aquí son nuestra proximidad de las montañas y lagunas, también sitios arqueológicos etc. Además estamos rodeado de hermosos paisajes. Tenemos pocos requisitos: - Hablar un poco de Español, a veces tiene que hablar con nuestra familia, que no hablan ingles. - Ahora estamos construyendo casas, entonces necesitamos ayuda de 4 horas de trabajo por día. Además, puede aprender algunas cosas que se hace en la región, por ejemplo: - Puede aprender nuestra idioma nativo, Quechua. - Hay oportunidades de aprender diferentes habilidades en relación de agricultura, artesanías y cocina. Organizamos ceremonias espirituales que se usan las plantas tradicionales San Pedro y Ayawasca; y también tours por las montañas y lagunas que están cerca. Esperamos a usted! Ojo este Organización de Ceremonia no incluye en el trabajo de Voluntariado. el costo es muy particular.

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Tive uma experiência maravilhosa com a família do Nelson! Aprendi muitas coisas novas, me senti em casa em todo momento, e com certeza faria novamente. Trabalhei no campo, ajudei na construção do teto feito de cipó, colhi comia para os cuis, ajudei na limpeza áreas de plantação, enfim, uma experiência que nunca imaginei, que mudou muito minha forma de pensar sobre o trabalho no campo. Amei cada minuto com essa família que me acolheu com filha durante 9 dias. Obrigada por tudo Nelson e Família, espero vê-los novamente.

21 days ago


Tenga una buena experiencia con una familia legítima Quechua! Todos son muy amables, comida buena y te quieren como una familia!
Días increíbles por ahí! Gracias a todos :)

about 1 month ago


I had a really great time with Nelson and his entire beautiful family!! They're very walm and welcoming and really eager to share they're culture with anybody who wants to learn. This is a great way to get a real look into Peruvian. Hours are easy, you work in the morning and have the afternoon off. Tasks change depending on what they need doing, construction, planting, general labour. Mountains are incredibly beautiful! Amenities are basic, there's no hot water or internet, and it's quite cold where they have dinner, outside. Please keep that in mind. Food is simple but good.

about 2 months ago


Mi estancia ha sido una experiencia maravillosa y muy enriquecedora!! No sólo he aprendido un montón de cosas, sino que es una familia que te hace sentir como si fueras un miembro más.. No me parece que haya mejor manera de conocer la auténtica cultura peruana a través de una familia, humilde en lo material, pero muy rica en amor, esfuerzo, conocimientos ancestrales, ... un lugar de una naturaleza espectacular, formas de vida auténticas y gente que te acoge con cariño. Agradezco mucho haber tenido la oportunidad de compartir tiempo y experiencias con esa familia maravillosa, un abrazo!!!!

2 months ago


Willka Lodge is a perfect place if you are looking for a real peruvian experience. The owner, Nelson, is a really nice guy that wants you to feel welcome and help you get to know the surroundings. He even let you have flexible hours so that you can do trekkings. The Lodge is close to the entrance of some trekkings (Laguna Ahuac) and is an unique experience in Huaraz. But have in mind that you wont have some comforts that you would when staying at the city center. There is no hot water, no wifi, and the food is very simple. They do San Pedro ceremonies, but it costs 175 soles each. Recommended!

7 months ago

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