Wind Family Farm

It is not a tourist spot. There are few people. You can experience the countryside of Japan. You can enjoy nature.There are a lot of mountains. Kayak in the summer and snow in the winter. The temperature can be 35 degrees in summer and minus 5 degrees in winter. Many "Sakura" are beautiful in spring. You don't need much money here. There is a lot to learn. You can experience a life without money.

Hello My name is Yoshinaga. my family is wife and 3 children (2 live in different places) and 1 dog. And a little animal. It is a small area. But there are many fun friends. Communicate with you, from young to old.Volunteers farm in all seasons. Farming is good for the environment. Also traditional religion. I think that is a very good experience for volunteers. Live freely on weekends and afternoons. In off hours, you will surely be able to make Japanese friends and have a human mind that you cannot experience in the Japanese way of thinking and in the city. I am waiting for you wonderful. Thank you.

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Brand new host looking for people to collaborate with each other.

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