Wonga Worru

If you love nature and a peaceful life, surrounded by rainforest inhabited by many species of reptiles, snakes, wallabies and birds you will love staying with us. If you love parties and night life, chose another host! The work we will ask from you is mostly very physical and will take place out of doors. We need you to remove lots of feral plants such as lantana, seratro and blue top. There are a lot of fallen tree limbs that need cutting up and removal. Our road needs some work digging and maintaining drains and distributing gravel. The work is mostly energetic and outdoors but we expect you to pace yourself and keep safe and comfortable. It can get very hot here, but this summer has been exceptionally mild. We will supply you with work gloves, sunscreen and insect repellant. You will need to bring sunglasses, a good sunhat and boots suitable for working on a slope. You WILL encounter much wildlife including spiders snakes echidnas kangaroos and lots of birds! So bring a camera/phone!

Ours is a homestay, NOT a business. You will be staying with an expatriate Canadian 78 years of age and a Kiwi of 62 years; both rather younger at heart. We are non smokers, infrequent drinkers, and love conversation about science, politics and environmentalism! We run our internet business from home so we will be here 6 days a week on average. We love showing our volunteers the national parks and beaches in our amazing area. We also love sharing our home and our interests with them. We have had volunteers from Europe, North America and various parts of Asia. Sharing language and culture with everyone is a joy for us. We hope you like conversation, playing cards and living together like a family.

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