Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat Sagasfeld

Our focus is cultural exchange. In addition to the experiences that you will make in the many different volunteer tasks, you can learn a lot: German language lessons, Yoga lessons, sometimes making music together at the fireplace...

Do you want to learn German?
Many things are much easier with some knowledge of the German language. That is why we offer a free language course once a week.

We are very cosmopolitan and live together in a wellness village with lots of nature, yoga and Ayurveda. But we are not mega esoteric but very down to earth. Being friendly and open minded probably sums it up quite well.


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I had a good time overall. It’s in a quiet village with mostly nothing around except nice roads and paths through fields and forest.
The work is okay but not that fun, especially when there’s less volunteers as there’s more work to do. The hotel needs to hire more employees.
The owner should put more effort into connecting with the volunteers. The staff isn’t interested in Ayurveda/yoga which was disappointing. A couple of the staff didn’t seem interested in talking or connecting with me and gave bad vibes, but of course all the volunteers were awesome.

6 days ago



It's been one of the best months in my life, truly. Far away from daily responsibilities and social obligations, hidden in the nature, provided with healthy diet, daily yoga classes, large, beautiful and fully equipped rooms, meditation sessions, sauna and bicycle accessible nearby local towns; for me - at that moment in my life - everything I could wish for, and more. Facilities are great, you share the room with other volunteers. Hours of work are as advertised, and you work along employees, but there's plenty of time for rest and socializing. German classes are great. It's a remote location

13 days ago



Sagasfeld is a beautiful place, but quite remote so you won’t be able to access much without using a bike. The work can be tough at times (6am starts), so I’d make your needs known early on. The staff are great, but communication could be better. Overall I had a great time though, and connected with nature and the other volunteers - so thank you!!

13 days ago



It was a good time and I enjoyed being there. The other worldpackers were so kind and now I have good friends from different countries:) A nice experience!

21 days ago



My goals were to improve my German, learn new skills, and meet new people. I achieved these at Sagasfeld, with help from the
staff and the German lessons provided. The work is tiring and long and you will do various tasks, including housekeeping, service, kitchen, handiwork, and more. I also helped out at the Kartoffel Hotel. The nature surrounding Sagasfeld is peaceful and accessible by bike. As well as bike rentals, the hotel provides communal facilities and yoga classes. I recommend this place to anyone committed to improving their German language and their hotel service skills. Thanks :)

26 days ago

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