You can experience and learn: construction and renovation of furniture and houses geodome construction building with natural materials gardening herbs and wild edibles fruit and herb picking and processing general garden maintenance commercial production of compost and soil substrates preparation of composts and liquid fertilizers building and repairing a lot of things

We are a couple of nature lovers with big ideas and positive vision. Dimo, the project leader, is in charge with the organisation of work. Work is suited for your point of interests, abilities and priorities. We eat seasonal mostly organic veggies and fruits from our garden, cold pressed juices out of veggies. No meat is processed or served at home. NB: Stay less than a week is more like couchsurfing and sight seeing. In such cases our visitors may contribute with little donation for the expenses of accomodation and food.


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WARNING! this is not a community or a hostel, there is no "team" of volunteers. This is Dimo and his holistic healing project which, at any given time, may or may not include permaculture. The tasks are more "as they come" basis which both gives one more time to explore the beautiful surroundings of Dimo's place but also doesn't rely on a fixed schedule. I personally loved it here; I needed to retire for a while and gather my thoughts. For this, it was perfect and I am very grateful to Dimo and Eva.

about 2 years ago



I loved this project. We stayed with Dino for more than three weeks. His places lies in the gorgeous green and beautiful nature of Bulgaria. The work was simple and fun. We worked in the garden and around the house and built a geodome for a festival. Big recommendation.

over 2 years ago



If you are looking for a quiet place and good vegetables and fruit this is right place!
There is a lack of organization and planning, so you probably do more activities that come up in the day-to-day and activities with cleaning and organizing the house.

almost 3 years ago



I had a beautiful time with Dimo and Rali. I learned how to live in harmony with nature and also a lot about life before and now in Bulgaria. I felt really welcome and calm at their place, the work was not hard and my bedroom was nice. Hosting more volunteers at the same time would have been nice because I spend a lot of time alone. If you are looking for a small, personal and free place to volunteer at I would definitely recommend ReGenerate. Also if you enjoy nature, hiking, bathing in refreshing water and working with fruit and veggies.

about 3 years ago

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