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We are a Party Lodge tucked away in the remote mountains of Guatemala. The property is situated on the banks of the Lanquin River surrounded by jungle and valleys. There is really nothing like it and even though it is remote, thousands of travelers come to see the national Park SEMUC CHAMPEY. We provide a relaxing peaceful spot by day and a social, fiesta vibe by night. As a popular spot in Lanquin, you will meet people from all around Guatemala and the world.

We have been in the hostel industry for over 15 years and have had hundreds of volunteers come through helping us out. We have had the luck meeting all sorts of skilled and or professional chefs, bartenders, managers, electricians, engineers, bakers, yoga instructors, accountants, (English) teachers, etc. People love the vibe here and they often stay months if not longer. There are quite a few critters in the surrounding such as mosquitoes (not too many) beatles, cockroaches, spiders, small rodents, etc (we are in the middle of the jungle after all). We get glorious storms and piping hot weather, which can lead to power outages and erratic internet at times. However, nothing brings people together like the absence of social media. The local people are very friendly, mainly working in tourism or farming, and our guests are fun loving and ready for shenanigans.

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United States


Beyond grateful for this amazing experience in the Guatemalan jungle! As a volunteer, I got to learn how to bartend, go tubing, explore the town of Lanquín, see Semuc Champey, and so much more! Gracias por todo y los extraño mucho :)

3 days ago



Zephyr is an amazing hostel with an amazing team. It’s a nice mix of locals and people from all over the world. Everyone is so nice and fun. It is relatively a lot of hours, but they do double check if you are fine with that beforehand. Eventho it’s a lot of hours, most of your shifts are at night so during the day you have a lot of free time still. And during shift it usually doesn’t feel like working anyway because you are having fun with your colleagues. The only thing that was a bit disappointing is that the room shown on the pictures is not the staff house where you will be sleeping.

10 days ago

United States


I enjoyed my experience at Zephyr very much. It is a special place. Grace, Callum, and the entire staff team are great. Besides the location being remote and a bit isolated, Zephyr was one of my favorite places to volunteer. I definitely recommend!

3 months ago



I only spent one week at Zephyr Lodge due to personal reasons I needed to return home for. But, after just one week, I felt very included, and the whole team was very welcoming, fun to hang out with, and supportive. The hostel itself is amazing and located in a magical place. It provides everything a backpacker desires, and Lanquin/the area offers a lot if you love nature and exploring. It's the perfect place to volunteer!

4 months ago



I recently had the chance to work at this lively hostel, and I must admit, the staff here is welcoming and friendly. If you thrive in a spirited environment and have a passion for partying, this is undoubtedly the place to volunteer 36 hours per week🎉🌟

5 months ago

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