Share your Worldpackers wishlist and have a chance to win 9 prizes of $229 each!

Post your three favorite volunteer positions on social media and compete for nine prizes of $100 each, plus a Worldpackers Pack Plus plan.

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Step by step how to participate


Find your favorite volunteer positions from our thousands available.

We have individually verified hosts in 140+ countries. See all positions on our search page.


Post a video showing your favorite positions and share the link with us.

Post a video on your Instagram or TikTok showing your chosen positions, tagging @worldpackers and #worldpackerswishlist, and send the video link to enter.

We will choose the 12 most creative videos for voting on each of our Instagram accounts, so make it count for a chance to win!

For your entry to be valid, your video must:

  • Feature at least 3 different volunteer positions
  • Tag @worldpackers and #worldpackerswishlist in the caption
  • Be posted on an open TikTok or Instagram account
  • Video and the caption can’t contain any promocodes
  • To be sent to us through this page

Create an account and participate!

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Visit our Instagram profiles to vote on December 13!

The WP team will carefully review all submitted videos and select the 12 videos to participate in voting on each WP profile's stories on Instagram.

On December 13, the three most-voted videos on each account will be the winners!

* Terms and conditions apply

Contest Phases

  • November 1 to 30

    Deadline for participating in the #WorldpackersWishlist contest

  • December 1 to 12

    Selection of the 12 most creative videos in each language (Portuguese, English, and Spanish)

  • December 13

    Voting on the 12 selected videos on Worldpackers' Instagram stories

  • December 15

    Announcement of the 9 winners via Worldpackers' Instagram


  • For participation to be valid, the video must be posted on an open Instagram or TikTok profile, tag @worldpackers and #worldpackerswishlist in the caption.
  • Worldpackers will select the 12 most creative videos in each language (Portuguese, English, and Spanish). These videos will participate in the public voting on Worldpackers' Instagram profiles on December 13, and the three most-voted videos on each account will win the prize.
  • Only individuals who meet all the requirements below are eligible to participate:
  • Are registered on the Worldpackers platform, with or without a paid plan;
  • Sent the link to a video that meets the participation requirements by Nov 30, 2023 on this page.
  • There will be nine prize winners, each will receive $100 via bank transfer (Brazilians) or PayPal (other nationalities), and an annual Pack Plus plan valid for 12 months. If you are already a member of Worldpackers, your current plan will be replaced by a Pack Plus plan with a duration of 12 months starting on December 20.
  • Worldpackers has until 12/31/2023 to make the prize payments to the winners.
Official regulations