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Puerto Rico


Everything went beyond expectations. As it being my first time in Africa i was nervous about language barrier but I felt so welcomed and loved by the host and family. Mama P makes great dishes, host is able to accommodate for your needs or interests. The little boys in the house love tagging along on adventures. The school is just the right size to be able to know most of the kids. I will surely be back. Asante sana Magesa and family

3 months ago

United States


My experience with St Justine was one of a kind. In the beginning I was uncomfortable with teaching..being it’s not my profession but as time went on I grew to love being with the kids and doing many activities with them that suited my personality and there’s. It’s a beautiful experience especially for us coming from the west. The lovely welcoming African culture humbles and relaxes your spirit. Big thanks to jema for hosting me. May st Justine school continue to grow thrive! ONE LOVE ONE AFRICA ❤️

6 months ago



My volunteering at the St. Justine primary school was way too short. I had an incredible time at the school and wish I would have had the chance to stay longer. Jema and his family were so welcoming and amazing. They shared their house, made amazing food and even took care of me so lovely when I was sick.
It’s been an incredible experience to see how school works in a different country. All the other teachers had been so interested and it felt incredible to have a cultural exchange.
I hope I will be able to return soon and create along lasting friendship.

7 months ago



My stay at St. Justine’s School was great. The host and the children were very eager to do activities and create content for social media. I had a pleasant office at the school where I could do my editing. The bedroom at the host’s house is very cozy, and they cook delicious African food. It is an enriching experience.

almost 2 years ago



The experience was amazing!
Tanzanian people are friendly and open, always ready to share moments and know (in a trustful way) the volunteers. Is still difficult to me describe all i lived in Tanzania because just words isnt enough for that.
I totally reccomend to everyone, will be something that will change you in all ways you can imagine!!

over 2 years ago



The best family I’ve ever met! Before I came here I didn’t imagine living with these amazing people. Peace love and hakuna matata! Now they are my friends Lusaka the best and the kids were very loving and so happy to give their love. Nakupenda sana sana

almost 3 years ago


Sure, if it could be our plan we couldn't allow you to leave here
we will miss you Alessio,
all in all we will miss you alot.
Thanks for your efforts and duties you done here.
Good bye Sir



St. Justine's School es un proyecto maravilloso. Está brindando oportunidades a muchos niños y niñas en la comunidad y esta mejorando e impulsando las oportunidades de estos jóvenes para su futuro. La escuela es preciosa, en plena naturaleza y el equipo de profesores es fantástico.
Jema es una persona maravillosa que te acoge en su casa como a un miembro más de la familia. Y su familia es también encantadora. Una inmersión en la cultura local increíble. El pueblo, Kidatu, es tranquilo a la vez que hay muchísima vida. Ya tengo ganas de volver a visitarlos.

11 months ago



Fue una hermosa experiencia porque compartí mucho con los niños tanto del colegio como los hijos del director, me quedé con ganas de poder ayudar más, no están organizadas las actividades para los voluntarios en el colegio, pero su Director está abierto a escuchar es muy amable y a mejorar eso me gustó! fui para ayudar con las redes sociales pero tristemente no tienen un sistema de internet que ayude a llevar a cabo trabajos online en el colegio!!! Espero que las mejoras sigan, hay mucho potencial en el colegio 😍 GRACIAS POR LA LINDA EXPERIENCIA😍

almost 2 years ago



Fue una muy linda experiencia. La escuela y el lugar donde está ubicada es realmente muy lindo. Los niños están realmente predispuestos a aprender y jugar con uno.
Nos alojamos en la casa del director del colegio, junto con su familia (esposa y 4 niños). Nos dieron una habitación con baño privado, realmente cómoda.Esto sumó mucho a la experiencia ya que nos permitió compartir con la familia, charlar, disfrutar sus comidas y conocer sus costumbres.
Único tema a tener en cuenta para tareas de Marketing y redes, es que no hay buena conexión a internet, por lo que hay que tener paciencia. GRACIAS!

almost 2 years ago

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