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the best choice that i did! Julian, Aly, Alan are a perfect team! i feel like in home.
foi a melhor escolha que eu fiz! acomodaçao otima, jantar de graça e delicioso feito pelo cheff Alan, todos os voluntarios em espirito de familia. queria ter ficado muito mais!

almost 2 years ago


This is the best hostel ever! The staff make sure you feel like home, they help you in everything you need, they teach you and in a short time you feel part of their family.
And is not just them, the guests that I've met are also amazing. I think that because of the positive energy that this hostel has, only positive people stay here and be sure that you are going to leave this place with more than a few friends and if you want to keep traveling the same guests will offer you a bed in their houses.
Thanks to Julian, Derrik, Ariel, Malen, Chung and Aly! For this opportunity :)

about 2 years ago


The hostel is wonderful. If you want to go as a guest, I recommend. Super family environment.
As a volunteer not know if recommend. I hadn't a day off. The owner of the hostel treated me as if I had doing a favor for me and I paid to be there. I signed up to work as a party promoter, but reached the point that wanting me to do the housekeeping. Sometimes I had organize the breakfast being that in the last night had worked until 4 am showing bars for guests.
The cook and coordinator of volunteers is super jealous and insecure and caused me problems. Me decided to leave ahead of time.

about 2 years ago


Volunteerling at Hostel one Catedral has been on if the best experiences of my life! Julian went out of his way to make sure I got to know the city and the culture of Seville! I have had such an amazing time running pub crawls, working in the kitchen and getting to know guests. Julian, Aly, Justina, derrick and Nacho really made me feel like part of the family and I have made some lifelong friends in the other volunteers I am sure! I have loved it here so much that I'm volunteering for an extra month :) Amazing free meals and a wonderful experience overall. Highly recommend!

about 2 years ago


Fue una muy buena experiencia haber estado 1 mes y medio aproximadamente como voluntario en el hostel. Descubrí un gran lugar con gente muy copada que me abrió las puertas cuando estaba en una situación difícil. Recomiendo mucho hacer está experiencia y más en el hostel one catedral que es de los mejores que vi.
Aprovecho para agradecerle a julian, nacho, el rifle y todas las personas que trabajaron conmigo por la muy buena onda y la gran ayuda que me dieron.

about 2 years ago

Costa Rica

HOC was my first experience as a worldpacker and it was amazing. The staff made me felt as part of them since the minute I walk -really late- through the door. They all have the best attitude to help you with your tasks and also to have fun and get to know Sevilla. The work hours were chill, and Julian is open to help you to arrange the schedule. I learned a lot form each of them, and also a lot by helping Derrick, the chef, in the kitchen. The hostel is beautiful, the beds are amazing and the bathrooms really clean. 100% recommended. Best of luck to all the team :)

over 2 years ago

United Kingdom

Hostel One Catedral has a great chilled out friendly vibe making everyone feel super welcome! I had a great time volunteering with Julian and the team - with easy, flexible working hours that allow you to make the most of this beautiful city. I loved my role of cooking dinner and socializing with guests especially the moment where we would sit and get to know each other over a tasty paella. I'll be back soon hopefully to catch up with everyone! Gonna miss you guys!

over 2 years ago
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