Be the DJ of the bests parties in Cancun!

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The Exchange

This is for anyone that loves working a counter at an incredibly up-beat, social bar. The Bar is open to the public & located next to a Party Hostel. Activities will be held every night & the bar is meant to cater to backpackers & culturally curious locals. We’d love to host DJs from all over the world to help maintain a healthy variety of international beats in the air. We’d also be more than happy to do some online marketing together.


32 hours of help per week

Music: Perform to entertain guests, children or local communities.

Party Promoter: Help organise and promote parties and social activities.

What you get

3 days off per week

Team Dorm: You will have a bed in a shared room, which means you will share the same room with other people.

Breakfast: You are entitled to a free breakfast, every day of your stay.

Dinner: You are entitled to a free dinner, every day of your stay.

Discounts on Parties: Get discounts at nearby parties and clubs.

Discounts on Tours: Get discounts for tours and excursions around town.

Free Tours: We’ll take you on tours and rides around town. For free!

Get free drinks or beverages.: Drink up! Get free and tasty drinks for yourself.

Free Parties: Get free entrance for the best parties in town.

Free Events: Get free entrance for the best events in town.

Yoga classes: Take free yoga classes at our place.

Language lessons: Take free language classes at our place.


Intermediate English or Intermediate Spanish

Between 18 and 35 years old

What's not included

Flights, Travel Insurance, Internal Transportation and Visa