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It was my first experience with Worldpackers and was amazing. I loved being in London again and meeting so many special people. The public (guests) is totally different than I imagined haha, this made a certain impact at first.. but the team makes up for it. I had some problems with the functions in the first month, but before the first conversation everything was organised. Bruna (the manager at the time) was always very available and attentive to our demands. Thanks everybody, specially Bruna and Kyle for the opportunity. It was a great time.



some("Great work environment, friendly and kind team, awesome and relaxed management- thanks Kyle!, cool location, workload was fair and distributed evenly amongst the staff members. Enough space in the hostel to have quiet time when needed and great common room to encourage social activity and fun within the hostel. ")


New Cross Inn replied

Ellie was a pleasure to be around and get to know. She was willing to do any job that we gave her and was proactive about taking on other tasks. Her strength is admirable, always working hard and having fun at the same time. Thank you for everything! New Cross Inn will be always open for you!


THE BEST!! Thank you Kyle and Bruna for the amazing experience! You guys work hard to make not only a great hostel but a great family. Keep the good work.
I'm glad for being part of it, and I will definitely come back.



Spent 1,5 months in London. Unforgettable experience!
Mostly because of all the wonderful people I managed to meet. Staff members were like a second family <3
Hostel's location is also good, and you get a plenty of time to explore London:)



It was an incredible experience. I met new people, I improved my english language and I learnt about London. The staff was excellent and the new and old manager were friendly and comprnesive with me, especialy because my level English it not was the best.



I stayed almost 2 months at the hostel, there was many volunteers so the workload was fair and well distributed. The atmosphere is nice and the team is always hanging out together. The hostel is well connected by bus and trains (zone 2, which won't cost a lot to go to the city center).
The down points is that the hostel is over a pub that has very loud live music every day until late night (ear plugs available) and the wifi provided is terrible, working properly only in the common area in off peak hours. Hope the new management will take care of it soon ;)

Thanks a lot for having me, guys!



My experience working at new cross inn, was great. The new manager Kyle is great and will help any volunteer with pretty much anything, The staff are awesome too!.

Id recommend staying at new cross to pretty much anyone the hours were fair for me i was even able to hold teo other jobs on top of this one.

The only problem with the hostel is the location, it is on top of a noisy bar which can get annoying. But people make the place, and new cross inn for me was a great experience.



I really enjoyed my time at the hostel. Met great people while working there. The shifts aren't that hard and are nicely devided over the week. Kyle, the new manager is making some cool changes to the hostel create more of a travellersvibe. He listens to the input of all the volunteers! Keep up the good work;) And for everyone who's about to travel to London, I would recommend this hostel and area to learn and see more about how Londoners live.

Gr Wen



New Cross Inn was my first experience working in an hostel. I didn't know what to expect, but I couldn't be happier for choosing this place. Shifts are well organised and there is still pleanty of time to explore the city. Hostel environment was amazing and I met a lot of great people.
Here you feel appreciated for your good work and the team makes its best to make you feel at home.



I'm really sad to leave this amazing place. The first days in the hostel weren't so good, but now I feel the hostel is my home in London and the people is like my family here. We all work to make this place the best one not just for the guests, also for the people who live here. The work was hard most of the times but it worths it, and we have a lot of benefits. Three free days per week was really good for have time to spend your time in the city. The manager was always flexible with the shifts so that was really good for enjoy my visit in London. I totally recomend this place!


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