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Was beautiful! We were one month with my girlfriend and we had the best experience. The place, the work and of course also the partners as Beata, Collin or Patrick make you feel at home.



nice and quiet place I wanted to go back but for work reasons I can`t



It was a peaceful and beautiful experience! The hotel is giant but the work is not hard. Eric is a great and funny host and always open to talk and clarify our doubts. They serve us a good dinner and offer food for breakfast and to prepare a snack at lunch if we want. The surroundings of Ootomarsum are incredibly beautiful and the hotel offers us bikes, so the tour becomes even more incredible. I'll keep good memories of the time I spent here. A big hug to Chantal, Beata, Eric and all Wyllandrie workers!



Was an amazing experience! Everyone ready to help you, the hours was fair, and friendly people! I’ll be back! Miss you guys 🙂



I do not where to begin! I came here to stay for a couple of weeks, these are some of the best people i meet in a long time! Very high level of business and communication, in and outside of the hotel you must be discreet and always do your best of course and Eric will always look out for you, help you with issues that might have and the team is very chilled and professional at the same time, so if you can manage that, you will experience something you wont forget learning from these guys. Thank you alot again Erik,Esther, Delano and everyone else!



Wonderful place, lovely town good food great accommodation. Everyone at the hotel is very receptive and kind. I felt at home. I will come back whenever possible. I managed to improve my English and even though I did not know how to communicate, everyone had a lot of patience. I love this place !!! lugar maravilhoso, cidade linda boa comida excelente acomodacao . Todos do hotel sao muito receptivos e gentis. me senti em casa. voltarei sempre que possivel . consegui melhorar meu ingles e mesmo nao sabendo muito bem me comunicar todos tiveram muita paciencia . eu amo esse lugar !!!



My first experience in worldpackers was amazing ! the neiborhood here is very nice ! A lot of nature very nice to ride bike , walk ,etc ! The hotel is clean, organized, safe , room is very nice, the food they offer is fresh delicius and very nice staff at all ! thank you Eric.



overall I had a very good time here in Ootsmartum and the manager was very accommodating to my needs and he gave me a very good tasks to do here in the restaurant area manager is very quirky and outgoing and I definitely suggest to anyone who works with Eric to make sure to take the piss out of him or things won't work out haha.. definitely would recommend Wyllandrie to anyone who wants to have a relaxing work in the middle of nowhere in the Netherlands so check it out. The staff and fellow volunteers are a very outgoing group and the management are so accomidating to you. thanks guys!


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