Help us on our farm!

The Exchange

We farm on Urban farms in regular home lots & 1/4 acre over the mountain where families want organic veggies! We need light house keeping done in addition to regular farming tasks (weeding!) Harvest, wash, pack veggies ready for market. Wonderful organic meals are provided when the bell rings.Volunteers will live with our family. Experience in farming/house keeping prefer.All volunteers must have experience with hard work and have a good memory!

What you offer

25 hours of help per week

Farming: Plant crops and care for animals.

What you get

2 days off per week

Tent: A billion stars over your head and a comfy tent to sleep in.

Breakfast: Get your free breakfast, the most important meal of the day.

Lunch: Free lunch is served y'all, get yours!

Dinner: Have your free dinner before going to bed.

Cook your own meal: Feel free to prepare your own meal here

Free Laundry: There's a special place where all the clothes get cleaned for free.

Bikes at your disposal: Hop on my bike, baby! Free to use bicycles.


Fluent English

Between 22 and 35 years old

What's not included

Flights, Travel Insurance, Internal Transportation and Visa

Program Details

We have a busy CSA (community supported agriculture) and sales operation. You will learn every aspect of growing, harvesting, washing, packing, and selling. We have a modern style of non-certified organic farming where you grow as much as you can in small spaces. It takes creativity to farm this way and vision!
We farm organically on several plots. Some are close by and one is a 20 min drive along the Eastern Coast and the best beaches. Volunteers help out by receiving a task list every day from Vanessa that is in addition to the regular tasks written below. We pack the vehicles starting at 7 am so we can leave by 7:30-8:00am to go to the farms. There are house chores. Different tasks are on assigned days, but there is some flexibility.

Activities & Shift

Daily tasks at Mahina Pua Farm (Record every planting and harvesting info in the red record book)
Wash dirty bins and coolers with soap Every day
Wash 1” black microgreen trays, Fill 1” black microgreen trays with coconut peat, Hand water (raining shower) front and back fields
WEED grass out of gardens by hand - use cultivators for scraping the soil and weeds.
Check chicken food and water every day
Weekly Tasks at Mahina Pua Farm
Water gardens with aquaponics water - after finished add water with hose to the tank. Shred cardboard, Mow and weed wack, Trim old banana tree leaves and keiki, Sift compost
Monday and Thursday - Harvest for markets and CSA boxes Weigh everything and record, Check irrigation for leaks, Check for enough labels, Compost tea every week


No smoking, drugs, or alcoholNo swearing or disrespectful language or slamming of doors (stay positive; especially around my children). No strong political or emotional conversations.
My time off/family time is very important to me so please plan to do something away from home on days off, rain or shine 8am-6pm. No cooking on days off. Our children are ours to parent. Please be respectful and do not contribute when it looks like we are having parenting kind of conversations with each other) No loud music, videos or violent video games or inappropriate or pornographic media. No ear phones when we are working together. No overnight guests are allowed or visitors. Go out and meet your ride and get picked up on the street. No eating or storing food in your ten(prevents insects). Quiet time after 8:00 p.m. Turn off phone at 9 pm. Quiet until 6 am. Sound travels here. Don't use outlets all