Social media manager in Rio de Janeiro's coolest favela

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The Exchange

Looking for a social media manager for our social impact projects in Rio de Janeiro’s coolest favela: Vidigal. You will need to be managing the social media platforms for 3 different social-impact organizations. We currently run a coliving space, a favela tourism agency and a social business incubator. We work with projects from the favela such as the percussion school for children, local craft beer, Capoeira school and the ecologic park.

What you offer

25 hours of help per week

Social Media: Help to build and maintain social media channels engaging online users.

What you get

2 days off per week

Shared Dorm: Be ready to meet people while staying in a shared dorm.

Cook your own meal: Feel free to prepare your own meal here

Discounts on Tours: Don’t miss a thing! Get discounts and enjoy your free time.

Free Laundry: There's a special place where all the clothes get cleaned for free.

Free Tours: Don’t miss a thing! Get free tours and explore.

Free Hiking Tours: Keep your feet moving! Get free hiking tours and exercise yourself.

Free Parties: Party on! Get free parties and party all night long.

Free Events: Be part of something! Get free events.

Surfboards: Right on, dude! Free to use surfboards.

Yoga classes: Namaste! Join our yoga classes and transform your health.

Language lessons: Learn or improve your language skills.

Holistic Therapies: Join activities related to self-knowledge and meditation.


Fluent English or Intermediate Portuguese

What's not included

Flights, Travel Insurance, Internal Transportation and Visa

Program Details

If you are looking for an authentic, truly immersive experience in a misunderstood community, you are at the right place. Favelas are living under the shadow of stereotypes which is why they are being marginalized. We aim to break stereotypes and bring opportunities to the community.

We are looking for someone to spend a minimum of 3 months, ideally 6 or more, to immerse themselves into the local culture, get to know the community and help us create positive impact.

The ideal candidates are friendly, creative, determined and like to travel "off the beaten path", like to immerse themselves in the local culture and taste it's authenticity.


Our social media communication is in English, which requires a very good level of spoken and written English. However, speaking Portuguese is also required so that you can interact with the community. Ideally, you should be speaking medium Portuguese and advanced English. If you at least know Spanish and a little bit of Portuguese and have the intention to learn Portuguese fast, that will work.

You need to have experience in managing social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin. Remember, you will be managing the social media for 3 different accounts, so you need to be efficient and organized. You will be writing and curating our content, improving our engagement and following. You will develop and follow a specific strategy which is aligned to our goals.

Minimum of Photoshop skills are required.