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Hostel Carcavelos, Lisboa, Portugal
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Hours per week

Help out and collaborate with your host only a few hours per week.


Help with check-ins, check-outs and attend to guests.


Exchange and wash bed linens. Make the beds.


Help clean the kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms and common areas.

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Days off per week

Have some time off for yourself, go explore the city or rest for a while.

Shared Dorm

Be ready to meet people while staying in a shared dorm.

Free Laundry

There's a special place where all the clothes get cleaned for free.


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  • Intermediate English


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2 weeks

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New Zealand

Would definitely recommend at least beginners of Portuguese if you come! Carcavelos is a beautiful place with a great location! I made heaps of friends while I was here. There are actually two hostels and the host was kind enough to let me work at both :)

18 days ago


Infelizmente não consegui comparecer, tive um problema sério de saúde e não consegui fazer a viagem. Acabei esquecendo de avisar e causando um possível mal entendido nos anfitriões.

about 1 month ago


Carc is a nice city very close to lisbon and it's also close to some amazing beaches ,didn't liked a lot the hostel , cause it was quietly lefted to him self , and it have an amazing garden , but is completly overlooked by the owners , for the rest it was a great exp were i met a lot of nice people and i spent very good days

about 2 months ago


It was my first worldpackers and I had such a great experience. The hostel is cleaned because of the lovely cleaner working there. I have met anothers volunteers who I was working with, we were like a family and we helped each others. The owners didn't help us propery, it was the bad point. I think the hostel needs moré comunication between volunteers and managers.
I recommend this hostel because of the good experience I have had and the great atmosphere we could enjoy thanks to the rest of volunteers and guests.

2 months ago


I had a nice experience in Help Yourself Hostel Country, I met great people there and the places around are very beautiful. As Carcavelos is on the Lisbon-Cascais train line, it's easy to travel around (though you have to walk 25 min to get to the train station).
The hostel is ok, it's a bit old and the only common places are a common kitchen and a small garden. It's also quite far from everything; you have to walk 30min to get to the beach! The biggest problem is, I would say, the management: the volunteers do everything and the manager, Ana, is never around...

2 months ago
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