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What you offer

Hours per week

Help out and collaborate with your host only a few hours per week.


Help with check-ins, check-outs and attend to guests.

Kitchen Hand

Help serving and organizing meals.


Exchange and wash bed linens. Make the beds.


Help clean the kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms and common areas.

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What you get

Days off per week

Have some time off for yourself, go explore the city or rest for a while.

Shared Dorm

Be ready to meet people while staying in a shared dorm.


Get your free breakfast, the most important meal of the day.

Free Laundry

There's a special place where all the clothes get cleaned for free.


Worldpackers team will guide and advise you before, during and after your trip.

Verified hosts
Verified Hosts

All hosts are checked by our team & ambassadors to ensure high-quality listings.

Worldpackers Insurance

If you are unhappy with your host, we will pay for your accommodation.

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The Experience

We offer an allround job with some responsibility, which adds to the fullfillment of the job. Cleaning is a big part of the job, but also welcoming guests from all over the world into the beautiful city of Ghent. Most of the working hours will be during the weekends, but there will be plenty of time left during the week to explore our wonderfull city, country or even neighbouring countries.

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  • Fluent English or Intermediate Spanish

  • Over 19 years old

What's not included

Flights, Travel Insurance, Internal Transportation and Visa

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Stay at least
4 weeks
Stay up to
3 months

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Host & Staff

Hours & Tasks


Learning & Fun


I really enjoyed my experience with this cool family. The hostel is great and the job is not hard at all., really. flexible and easy. They are always taking care of you and trying to make you feel like in home. I miss you Katrijin and Bart, was so nice to be part of your team. Hope to see you soon.

11 days ago


Highly recommended! Bart & katrejn are wonderful people who really care about each backpacker,they provided everything we need and where always there for anything we ask.The hostel is beautiful,comfy and superclean.And yes you have to clean bathrooms but theres nothing to worry about as they are usually clean.So if you are afraid of cleaning a toilett better stay where you are because you are a fool.

19 days ago


Im not like the Kaba Hostel, and im going to be honest with my review.
To start with they have no staff, only backpackers so they will leave you the whole hostal to you on your 2 day. The job was ok, only the cleaning was a little bit harder. At first the owners were nice, until i had a problem and had to be back to my country and he started to talk as if he knew me telling me that i was trouble.

The hostal is nice, but the owners aren't that much.

Part1 https://flic.kr/p/24jA4yb
Part2 https://flic.kr/p/24jA4v5

about 1 month ago

Katrijn replied

Hello Orlando, thank you for your honesty, I am not going to disagree with you, we did not share the best of times at our hostel, apparently we have totally different opinions about what in expected of a Worldpackers. But I am glad you made it clear to others that we try to maintain high standards at our hostel and expect our Worldpackers to do the same. We realize the work can be hard at times but we never ask anything of our volunteers that we don't do ourselves, like cleaning toilets and combining cleaning and reception. We ask honesty, commitment and responsability of the people we accept to volunteer, and when we get that, we treat all volunteers with respect and gratitude.
I am sure your review will give a clearer view to others on what it means to be a part of our hostel, so thank you for that.


At the beginning everything was ok, they were nice and the work was little bit hard. but then, everything changed, for exp. I was doing my work, but when I was off I was going to my friends place or boyfriend, & they were into us all time, like following us. Last thing owner did, 1 morning he came into OUR SPACE, looking if we were there or not, he was kinda angry. Out of respect, no privacy. Then, they asked me to leave without advance, because they had the hostel fully booked. last one, owner yelling at my friend. Treating her BAD. Enough. We had to leave. & u have to clean toilets!!! 😷

2 months ago

Katrijn replied

Jennifer, we clearly had totally different expectations about our volunteering exchange. We did have high hopes for you since you had previous experience at a hostel in Leuven. When we learned that you were kicked out of that hostel for several reasons, it explained your behaviour and attitude.
In our opinion, the work that you have to do here is not that hard, and yes, you did have to clean toilets, what did you expect in a hostel. You clearly find it to hard, since you mostly did not do all the taksk we asked from you or lied about them.
When you say we were following you, that sounds paranoide, I don't see why we would do that. We did go into your room of course, since it is a shared dormitory, not a private space, and we have to clean the room every day. If you are still in bed in the afternoon, we cannot wait to come in and clean any longer.
You knew about the week we were fully booked well in advance, not last minute, and we did not ask you to leave at all, we just asked you to look for another place for a week, and you told us it was no problem. You took advantage of the situation to leave the hostel 3 weeks before the agreed date, sneaking out in the middle of the night, without advance from your side, just a note on the desk.
We did have a heated discussion with your fellow Worldpacker, which we apologized for, but that's between her and us and it does not excuse your actions and words.
You can read all the other reviews from other Worldpackers, which are all totally positive, so we hope you will realize some day that your words were misplaced.
We do wish you all the best for the future and hope you learned something from your experience at our hostel.


I couldn't have chosen a better place to go, the hostel is super nice and Katrijn and Bart are the best. The work ain't to heavy and you can actually work out with them your schedule so it fits your needs. Highly recomended. Wish i could have stayed longer or could go back!

3 months ago
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About the host

We are a small, cosy, friendly hostel with a warm, authentic atmosphere, run by it's two owners (and their two little girls ;-)). We like to distinguish ourselves from the big party hostels through these caracteristics. The artwork from local artists, on the walls all over the hostel, make our place unique and colourfull.

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