Eco-Lodge Project needs a helping hand to launch!

The Exchange

We have a beautiful family property, currently in the way for renting and been more active . I will be there half of the week, and the other half I will need the volunteer to be there in case the ones occupying the accommodation need anything. Activities of the volunteer will include: -Helping and guiding the guests -Helping with the cleaning and cooking. -Help with the daily activities of the house -Having fun and enjoying nature!


30 hours of help per week

Kitchen Hand: Help prepare, finish and serve meals.

Housekeeping: Help with changing the bed linens and general housekeeping.

Administration: Help with booking systems and payments.

Reception: Help with check-ins, check-outs and guest assistance.

What you get

2 days off per week

Team Dorm: You will have a bed in a shared room, which means you will share the same room with other people.

Breakfast: You are entitled to a free breakfast, every day of your stay.

Free Laundry: You can use our laundry room freely.

Use our equipped kitchen: Feel free to use our kitchen and make your own delicious food.


Fluent English or Fluent Spanish

What's not included

Flights, Travel Insurance, Internal Transportation and Visa

Program Details

Is an starting family business, and at the moment I will be the only one deeply involved, living there part time and organizing everything. What I need the most, is a helping hand that will be there the days I will not be at the house. I will be however available and easily reached by phone most of the time. I want for the volunteers to get to know my beautiful country and enjoy the time they are here.

Activities & Shift

Some activities may include:
-Cleaning the common areas.
-Helping to cook.
-Getting involve in activities like yoga, meditation or others.
- Turning on and off a water pump daily.
-Attending the reception and helping the guests


I don't really like rules ,but sometimes they are necessary, so here are some:

-Don't smoke inside the house, and preferably not at all. I am a very ocasional smoker myself, but this place has a deep natural and pure vibration that I want to keep, and even if you do smoke you will agree with me that a cigarette is a pretty toxic element. But, if you really need to, do it outside and please don't leave the butt in the nature.

-I have a similar vision about drinking, also an ocasional drinker, and the place is so cold sometimes maybe a shot will be required, but I will appreciate not getting drunk during work hours.

-No parties, same reason, the place is a very clean environment.

-No inviting anyone over . For safety reasons, for economical reasons, for obvious reasons. Tho this can be negotiated in specific scenarios.