Education, sanitation and microfinancing projects in Kolkata, Ind

The Exchange

Volunteers will be monitoring the projects on the field. Project for People has no expats: project implementation is carried out by our local partners. Health Programme, for Med students and professionals Education Programme, for educators, students, and volunteers of all ages Engineering/Architecture Programme Microcredit Programme for Economics students and graduates Human Rights Programme for Sociology and Law students and graduates


40 hours of help per week

Child Care: Help look after, educate and instruct children.

Social Work: Help with volunteer work in local projects and communities.

What you get

1 day off per week

Private Room: You will have a bed in a private room. In other words, a room just for you.

Team Dorm: You will have a bed in a shared room, which means you will share the same room with other people.

Discounts on Restaurants: Get discounts at nearby restaurants.

Free Laundry: You can use our laundry room freely.

Free Tours: We’ll take you on tours and rides around town. For free!

Pick Up: We will pick you up when you arrive, and take you to our property.

Dance classes: Take free dance classes at our place.

Language lessons: Take free language classes at our place.

Certificate: Get a certificate of completion after you finish your experience.


Intermediate English

Over 18 years old

Accepts solo applications and also couples and pairs

What's not included

Flights, Travel Insurance, Internal Transportation and Visa

Program Details

We expect our volunteers to be reliable and respectful. They will have to adapt to Indian culture and be proactive in elaborating ideas to improve our projects in Kolkata.

Volunteers will not be asked to do any cleaning nor construction work: we expect them to have skills that can either be taught to our local staff or employed in our projects.

Engineering students might be asked to analyze and evaluate the contruction methods used locally. Sociology students could gather data about our Women Empowerment projects (and, if they wish to do so, write a university thesis or research paper). Economics student can gather and analyze data about out Microfinancing projects, or think of new ways to develop it and improve it. All volunteers can organize workshops for local children (about hygiene, human rights...) or adults wishing to learn new specific skills.

There are endless possibilities.

Activities & Shift

Volunteers are expected to work full time, Monday to Saturday. Their activities will depend on the chosen program: we will be happy to discuss them with you after your application, and of course we do NOT expect you to pay the fee before you get to talk to us about it.

Generally speaking, volunteers start their day early in the morning, when they meet with our local partners in their headquarters South of Kolkata.

Medical volunteers either spend the day at the main clinic or follow our Indian doctors to the rural areas surrounding Kolkata. Their duties may include medicating wounds, taking blood pressure, doing injections.

Any other volunteer will be assigned specific duties depending on our current needs and their skills.


No smoking around the clinics or schools. You will represent our association in the eyes of the locals, and our reputation will surely suffer if you are caught smoking close to our facilities. Never go to work in hangover for the same reason. Wear long pants in the clinics and always make sure your shoulders and big, visible tattoos are covered. No piercings. (Sorry, it's Indian culture)