Help us restore our 19th Century Winery in Valencia Province, Spain

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Hostel Utiel, Valencian Community, Spain
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My experience at the winery was very positive. The whole family was super welcoming and respectful.
The work in general is very easy, we had some moments with a little heavier work, but nothing that was impossible for me.
There was also a lot of respect for my choice to be a Vegan. They were already shopping thinking about what we could cook without there being derivatives of animals. THANK YOU SO MUCH.
Highly recommend to all.
If you want to see photos, videos and more details about my stay in the winery, I'll post a lot of cool things on my blog soon:

about 1 month ago


Fue mi hogar durante un mes y me sentí en mi casa, Eduardo es muy compañero, dispuesto a enseñarte cosas de a la bodega y a hacerte sentir a gusto. La vivienda es una casa antigua muy grande y con un jardín enorme. Tenía mi propia habitación muy cómoda. En lo que refiere al trabajo se respetan las 5hs pautadas y es muy variado, puedes armar cajas, guardar las botellas de vino en las cajas, jardinería, pintura, construir un muro de piedras,en fin, a veces puede ser duro y agotador, pero depende de las ganas que cada uno le dedique.
La experiencia en la bodega es sumamente recomendable.

about 2 months ago

United States

When I signed up for a Worldpackers experience at a winery, I expected most of the work to revolve around making wine and the restoration of facilities related to the wine. If this is what you want, then this is not the experience for you. The days consisted of grueling physical labor in uncomfortable environments. Virtually no safety equipment was provided despite the fact we were working in the presence of all kinds of dust, sharp and heavy objects, and toxic chemicals. If you were expecting good food, think again. We wete given cheap food we did not want after being asked to write a list.

2 months ago

eduardo replied

I am sorry Dylan for your bad feeling but we only made wine when grapes are mature.

I explain you the task before you arrive and you were agree, about the safety equipment, well, you were working with me at the garden and removing the old plating from the kitchen, we did´t use any toxic chemical, and I gave you a safety glasses and a dust mask.

About the food, If 1 of the team is vegan I tried to respect him and cook with vegetables, for your information, here vegatables are usually more expensive than some meat.

Kind regards,



Great experience! Beautiful scenery, winery, and very friendly people! Eduardo is always working and will always refill your glass of wine! I recommend this as a stop if you are on your way to Valencia or Madrid (depending on the direction). If you like wine and don't mind working hard, this is the place for you!

4 months ago


Fue una grata experiencia la pase muy bien durante mi estancia Eduardo es muy buen anfitrión

4 months ago
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