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My experience at Abdul’s house was incredible. I was there for 4 weeks and I had the opportunity to live in a local family by completely immersing myself in their culture. I felt at home from the beginning. Abdul is an onest, caring and good people in general, I found in him a true friend and his family became mine. They were really friendly and loving.
The work in the school was amazing, children are very nice and they have so much love to give.
The village is a safe place and the local people are friendly.
I really recommend it to everyone. I know for sure I will definitely be back 🇹🇿❣️

12 days ago



Abdul is a fantastic person, generous, always ready to help you and a very good cook, also his mother beautiful person,for whatever I needed he was always available I felt at home but above all I felt part of his family, doing everything to make me feel at ease, and I am really happy to have had this experience with him, I hope to be able to go back to see a friend and his family, everything I have experienced and seen has been beautiful.I will never forget this trip, I already miss all this

about 1 month ago



My days at Abdul’s house have been incredible!! I was spending time with the kids at school during mornings teaching them maths and English. His mum, sister and brother have been so close to me and kind. I had the chance to experience the local live but also to been into a Safari and to Zanzibar.
It’s the best way to help while learning about other cultures. I’ll be back

about 2 months ago



Abdul is a great host! We had the opportunity to visit different places, including beaches, the city center and chamazi.
His family is also very nice,always wanting to make us feel at home and enjoy our stay :)

The house is sittuated in a green and local area.
there is no actual shower, sometimes electricity goes off and lacked water which I believe next time the situation will be dealt easily:)

at school: the teaching is up to you, but you'll be teaching the basics since the range age is up to five years old. The children are eager to learn!

Wish you the best!!

Vânia and Barbara

4 months ago

United States


Eye-opening, but not as expected.
-Lessons can be made w/ little experience
-Actual host family welcoming/helpful
-Students always excited to see you and learn
-Description doesn’t match expectations
-No curriculum, so lesson is 100% on volunteer
-I taught w/o any assistance from day 1; teachers seem to think volunteers are there to give them a break,not assist.
-Village is more remote than expected.Hr south of Dar, doable on weekends only
-Never met listed host, only interaction was his constant following/unfollowing on IG; very uncomfortable as solo female

4 months ago



Abdul and his family are incredibly hospitable, friendly, and very caring. I immediately felt at my own home with all of them, I bonded with every single family member in the house, they are so loving and so cheerful. The city is very safe, apart from going to school we also went to some bars, Kariakoo, Mbagala, and Mbodia island. Ah, we also went to the zoo which was amazing and we went to the beach couple of times. I really had the best time there and I could count on Abdul with everything I needed, I will be back to this lovely home :)
It's a must-have experience, I completely recommend it

6 months ago

Abdul replied

So much love to you our home is your home too. Feel free to come back any time 😘😘😘. Wishing you all the best ❤️❤️❤️



Abdul and his family are just wonderfull. I felt home as soon as I arrived. I love the atmosphere at home, it is in a cozy little town. Mama Africa let me cook a lot and I learned so much! We also went on a trip together to Kariakoo. During the day, I would recommend to combine this with some volunteering too.

12 months ago



Abdul and his family are really welcoming and do everything possible to make people feel at home. The children at the school are awesome and i had a good time working with them a bit, language barrier was tough for me though.

over 1 year ago

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