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Eco Village Lavaux-Oron District, Switzerland

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Rédaction pédagogique pour projets sociaux et culturels

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Bonjour. Nous habitons dans deux écovillages créatifs en Suisse. Nous mettons actuellement nos divers sites web à jour, nos dépliants, livrets, livres... On cherche une personne qui aime écrire (rédiger), saisir, modifier, mettre à jour, sélectionner (voire faire) des photos. Des experts techniques vous forment/accompagnent pour la partie édition de site web (sous Wordpress). English is a plus, mais français est la base pour cette mission.

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  • Fluent French or Beginner Portuguese
  • Over 18 years old
  • Accepts solo applications and also couples and pairs

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Flights, Travel Insurance, Internal Transportation and Visa

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8 weeks
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I spent 3 weeks in Smala and I learned a lot. The house has an awesome view of the lake and of the vinos. I need to warn, especially girls, that the place has a lot more men and that didn’t make me feel comfortable. I applied to do one kind of job and I ended up doing another one, even though they told me this would change with time. Hours of work are usually not assigned until either the night before or first thing in the morning and you need to fight for your days off. I was supposed to stay for 2 months, but I left early.


LA SMALA replied

Hello dear volunteers,

We started in June 2020 receiving volunteers via worldpackers, after the confiment. Our ecovillage team received about 12 volunteers this summer 2020, medium average 4-6 together, including from Worldpackers, workwaway, helpx ... Most of the volunteers asked to stay longer, and were happy. Julia was an exception. She requested money to help on the bar for a party, and repeated many times that her father was lawer, threathening our manager, we we did not like it, but stayed cool. It was her first experience as volunteer, she had no previous experience in housekeeping, nor in social media management (she was studying, second year). We invited her to use a time tracker to manage her hours, and she did not use it. Her activities were as planned in her contract : diversified, and open to dialogue if she wanted to change the type of tasks.

We wrote her before receiving her :
50% housekeeping at the beginning
50% social media on second part of her stay

Julia left before second part, and did not ask for dialogue fbefore deciding. She preseted her her excuses for not having asked for dialogue before, and recognized she was impulsive. She explained us that she always had a woman taking care of washing her clothes and cleaning daily in her house in Brasil, since her early age up to now, and not having experience in cleaning often her own place, because coming from a high class family with father lawer. We felt Julia was somehow partly a trouble seeker, intringant, paying more attention to possible difficulties then opportunities, easily afraid of new things. It's just a feeling, we did not her well enough to judge seriously. We simply did not feel confortable enough with her presence, after trying to please her with quite o lot of special favour (offering her a travel and leasure experience to a flight simulator, teaching her lots of basics such as how to make tea, use cleaning products...).

At the difference of what she pretends in her comment, they are more women then men in our little community (15-20 persons), out of which 5 woman aged 35 to 75, always at disposal to guidance and mutual help.

Besides, we sign contract with volunteers mentioning that both parts can stop anytime, without motivation. So we were relieved when Julia announce her she is leaving without previous dialogue, due to her very demanding behaviour. We wish her the best, considering she might have been into a personal difficulty during her 2-3 weeks short stay, everything was so new for her due to her lack of experience in volunteering, and she might see more positive things later.
Time will speak.



Very nice place to work.


LA SMALA replied

Thanks Dylan. We are happy you decided to stay longer, and it is a pleasure having you still in our community. Your contributions where helpful.

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