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favourite place! felt completely at home



It was a great experience !!
Thank you Murat, Burkay and Max to be such a good hosts, I miss u guys.
The location it's excellent, everything is really near and the hostel is great.
The staff room is a bit messy but if you talk with the guys it's possible to keep It okay :)
I worked a little bit more than I should, but them I talked with the boss and they gave me my two days off. In resume I recommend the experience and I miss u guys!!



The pleace is nice and the location is good (central). The work itself isn't heavy, and you are never alone (7 hrs.) I can't meet Tumay (in the work), but i did Murat, who was nice and gave me support, also thanks Maria who always smile me at breakfast!... thank you!
To be disadvantages are the room, always a mass and cleanness isn't a strength. Also you can't use laundry machine. Another thing is they don't respect your day off, considering the schedyle isn't good at all, because this is an opportunity to work but at the same time the main idea is to know the place (Istanbul) Good luck!!



The hostel it´s really good, but the problem was the cleanning of staff room. Murat and tomay are super special people.



Cheers Lighthouse is a good hostel to learn and observe how this kind of business works. The location and the hostel structure are the strong points. The main tourist’s places are near to the hostel and the tram station to go everywhere is 7 minutes walking so you can council the worldpackers experience and enjoy the Istanbul city. The staff, Max abi, Murat abi, Chef and Mama (miss all of you, guys) are helpful and probably you will have a lot of fun with them. Ana thanks for the friendship! I I am thankful for the opportunity to be part of the cheers team! Don’t forget the sarrada guys!



My experience in Cheers Lighthouse was really good, the hostel is very good, the staffs they are amazing, Murat abi and Max will help you in all that you need, the view from the hostel it's amazing !!
The negative point it's hey don't have a laundry and I didin't have a day off !
Thank you guys for this experience and happy days !!!! I'm missing you bebitos haha



Cheers Light House is like a dream , situated in Sultanahmet right besides the blue mosque , on the side of Marmara Sea. It is run by Tumay , who is a great guy with interesting mannerisms. He is kind , funny ,generous . He has a great knowledge about his business with a great articulation and interacting power. He likes to mingle with people , cares for thier comfort. He is very keen on getting more volunteers , because meeting , talking and interacting seems to be in his genes. The staff is lovely . They quickly make you feel a part of their own. It's like unlimited package of fun.



Tumay is a crazy Turkish guy who will do his best to make you feel like Cheers Lighthouse is your second home. The facilities and the breakfast are amazing! And so is the staff, who will help you with whatever you need. Mostly, the job is pretty chill, so you will have free time to go and explore Istanbul, which is an incredible city with all you can imagine (and lots of kebab shops, of course).


TUMAY replied

We miss you so much and thank you for your kind comments about us and the work you have done for us.

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