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United Kingdom


The host and everyone working there were lovely, but I had to leave after one night. The room they gave me was damp and mouldy and I was worried about breathing in the mould. The host didn't help and so I left as I couldn't stay in the room more than 1 night. The work wasn't what was advertised, it said reception, bar and party promoter but in reality I helped a little with food prep but the majority was washing dishes. Also you work more than what is said. Host is also wasn't great at communicating before I arrived

21 days ago



I stayed at the hotel for two and a half weeks and I really enjoyed my stay there. Saul and the other workers at the hotel are really friendly and helped me to get to know La Fortuna. The work is really easy and it was fun to work with the other workers. It never really felt like working :) The food is amazing!! Would recommend going there to everyone!

28 days ago



Eu gostei muito da experiência, porque as tarefas são simples, eu pratiquei espanhol, meu horário era muito flexível e as piscinas termais são uma delícia! A vista do hotel é linda e os colaboradores da empresa são amigáveis. Recomendo!

2 months ago



Es un hotel muy muy muy bonito con aguas el hotel y las tareas son fáciles. Está a 10min en coche del pueblo de La Fortuna.

4 months ago

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