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Permaculture project Samothraki, Greece

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Help with painting or decorating the property facilities.
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Help grow plants and cultivate gardens
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Have some time off for yourself, go explore the city or rest for a while.
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The Experience

Ongoing projects: regular walks up the aqueduct to the source in the river to clear it of debris (spring and summer),gardening, wood collecting and processing, digging garden beds,planting, harvesting, foraging, composting, general maintenance, landscaping and the various small tasks that go along with a self sufficient lifestyle.

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  • Over 18 years old
  • Be from outside Greece
  • Only hosts solo volunteers (doesn’t accept couples or pairs)

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Flights, Travel Insurance, Internal Transportation and Visa

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2 weeks
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12 weeks

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12 Reviews


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Permaculture project


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How this experience will transform you

10 Learning about sustainability

10 Get in touch with nature

7 Developing environmental awareness

6 Meeting international travelers

6 Immersing in the local culture

5 Meeting locals

France, Metropolitan


If you've always lived around a busy city like myself, this place will probably shock you by its simplicity, peaceful and yet quite wild atmosphere.
The concept of "connecting with nature" is tangible here. No unnecessary stress, living and existing as a mere human being with force and humility.
The place is also a good reflection of its owner. A man which his knowledge and ingéniosity is only equaled by his kindness and humanity. A gentle force with strong values such as self and mutual respect who enjoys teaching new things and help to improve. Fantastic experience.

27 days ago



Great personal experience at Bent Branch.
A true connection to sustainability.
Knowledge acquired in the different areas of sustainability:
Sustainable Energies
Food Preservation, drying and especially canning.
treat animals
Small housework / Bricolage
Among other topics........

About the host, five stars. From day one I felt at home and learned a lot from Evan/Phillipos.
In short: Good values ​​of humanity are practiced at Bent Branch.

about 1 month ago

United States


Evan is a rare and deep soul who will always make sure your needs are met! He knows a lot about natural and alternative medicines and took care of me when I fell ill, which I really appreciated.

The work was simple and easy with free-time in between, and the surrounding nature is incredibly sacred and beautiful. A very special place to stay indeed! Thank you for the experience.

about 2 months ago



The bent branch was a great experience and I felt really connected to the nature and I learnt a lot of things about sustainability, Evan was a good host and told me a lot of particular acnedots and curiosity about the place and sustainable stuff. I also had a chance to meet a lot of people and discover beautiful places around the island!!

3 months ago

Philippos replied

It was great having you here. You also took my breadmaking skills to a much higher level. We brought in all the figs today, and I was thinking of your work carefully laying them out to dry in the sun. I hope everything goes well for you!



Evan is a great host who makes you feel at home straight away. The tasks are broad, you are able to almost choose what you want to do for your personality type from cooking, to gardening and handyman work etc which keeps everyone happy and the dynamic of the place great.

The only negative I have for the bent branch is I was not a massive fan of the sleeping arrangement, its just one big room with mattress's on the floor but then again im getting old and im not so use to dorms anymore and also there is a new room being constructed down staris for more accomadation

3 months ago

Philippos replied

Hi Craig. Hope all.is going well. The wooden floor for downstairs has been laid, and done really beautifully. , the windows are in, all I need now is the door.

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