Culture and night life in a beautiful historical city

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The Exchange

We are located in a historical city , with culture and with some of the biggest events in Europe. Por exemple: , As a member of partners from round the world, Imaginarius is an international reference whithin the circuit of such festivals., Europe largest medieval reenactement event extends over 12 consecutive days in the middle of the summer., Magic , emotion and phantasy .

What you offer

5 hours of help per day

Bartending: Make and serve drinks and help maintain the beverages inventory.

Music: Perform to entertain guests, children or local communities.

Cooking: Choose the menu, pick ingredients and cook delicious dishes.

Party Promoter: Help organise and promote parties and social activities.

What you get

1 day off per week

Shared Dorm: You will have a bed in a shared room, which means you will share the same room with other travelers.

Discounts on Tours: Get discounts for tours and excursions around town.


Intermediate English or Intermediate Spanish

Over 20 years old

What's not included

Flights, Travel Insurance, Internal Transportation and Visa

Program Details

We'd like to receive someone to play music and make art in the hostel, there is a bar and it would be great to have people to entretain the guests.
Also, we'd like you to could cook a special dinner from your own country.