Help with our breakfast/Cleaning in the morning & enjoy the beaches in the afternoon.

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The Exchange

The person will help to serve our breakfast, just organize the table and refill the items; will also help to organize and clean the kitchen. also, will help with cleaning and care, housekeeping, will be 4 days, 6 hours each day.


24 hours of help per week

Housekeeping: Exchange and wash bed linens. Make the beds.

Kitchen Hand: Help serving and organizing meals.

Cleaning: Help clean the kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms and common areas.

What you get

3 days off per week

Shared Dorm: Be ready to meet people while staying in a shared dorm.

Breakfast: Get your free breakfast, the most important meal of the day.

Cook your own meal: Feel free to prepare your own meal here

Free Laundry: There's a special place where all the clothes get cleaned for free.

Surfboards: Right on, dude! Free to use surfboards.


Intermediate English or Fluent Portuguese

Over 21 years old

What's not included

Flights, Travel Insurance, Internal Transportation and Visa

Program Details

It's an easy job, but it needs to be done with great care and commitment.

Activities & Shift

From 6:30AM to 12:30PM, 4 days per week.