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Being in Siam Journey is like being part of their cosy family! the hostel is not such big, this make us to know each other better. Young athmosphere, all nights we join in the hall, chating, watching films, sharing our travel experiences.
Cathy is an easy-going and extroverted manager :)
The location is perfect, close to MRT and shopping malls, but at the same time not to noisy. Moreover, the shift schedule allows to explore the city easily.
Wonderful experience, where I've met awesome people.
Thanks Cathy and Anita, :) :)

9 months ago


The hostel is a family style small hostel hidden from the main roads, will be difficult to find at first. Best to ask the driver to drop you by QUEST COFFEE or PHAYA THAI BTS station.just a short walk to the hostel.

All the staff are friendly, a place of good&open minded people.

Strongly recommend it!

10 months ago


Best volunteering experience so far! If you want to get that "home" feeling, volunteer at Siam Journey :) The hours were agreed before hand and the work is quite straight forward. I met amazing people, made great friends and Anita, the owner, was super nice with me.
Absolutely recommend this place to have an amazing Bangkok experience!

11 months ago


I had such a nice time in Siam Journey! The 2 owners, two lovely Thai girls, were always around, very kind with the volunteers. The Manager, Agnes, is an amazing person, always motivating us to have some fun or do something nice. The place has a great atmosphere, where guests and staffs always have the opportunity of interaction. We were always playing games, talking to each other, watching movies or even cooking together. The location is pretty good, is in a calm and chill area, where you can forget a bit the chaos of Bangkok and feel more relaxed. I'd stay for 2 weeks and end up for 1 month.

12 months ago


i love it

about 1 year ago


My experiencie at Siam Journey was simply amazing! The manager is a great person and she provided a great atmosphere all the time and she became my friend. The others volunteers were really nice as well, I’ve made some friends during my time there. The tasks were simple and very easy, no problems at all. I had a great time at Siam Journey and I recommend this place!

about 1 year ago
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