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School Itacoatiara, Brazil

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Teach children in Brazil and help us change their lives!

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The Experience

We are in a colored house in a simple quarterhood where just travelers stay and teach to the children of the neighborhood. At the Escolinha you can teach the children the very basics of English or other matter you know like math, painting, Spanish, music, games, sports or ... whatever you think makes sense! Volunteers have to organize their lessons totally by themselves.

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  • Over 20 years old
  • Accepts solo applications and also couples and pairs

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Flights, Travel Insurance, Internal Transportation and Visa

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58 Reviews


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16 Creating true social impact

16 Meeting locals

14 Developing social awareness

14 Immersing in the local culture

7 Get in touch with nature

4 Meeting international travelers



It was a very intimate and special experience that got me acquainted with the life around the amazon of Brazil. Although my Portugese is very bad, i had a good time with the children, the family and the volunteers. Would recommend

about 1 month ago

Alex replied

Laurens came to the Escolinha Itacoatiara in May 2022 and from the very first moment he was working totally on his own responsibility with the children. The communication with him via whatsapp was always productive and friendly. Donna Maria, the children and the other volunteers were more than sad when he had to leave. Laurens, thank you for you help and you are more than welcome back anytime! Alex



Our experience was wonderful! We only stayed a few days, but they were very intense! The children are used to receiving new volunteers and they gave us a very warm welcome! Perhaps, a good practice could be to split activities by age range, to give better attention to each child needs. Anyways, it's very nice to give them affection and help somehow with their education. We could see how much the kids appreciate this space, so it’s important to keep this project alive. Alex was always very attentive and so was Eriane, she was very welcoming and provided us with everything we needed! Thanks!

3 months ago

Alex replied

Ismael and Ligia came to the Escolinha Itacoatiara in March 2022 and stayed for some days. From the very first moment they were working with the children totally on their own responibility. The communication with them via whatsapp was always friendly and productive. When they had to leave Eriane and the children were more than sad. Thank you for you stay, you will be always more than welcome back!



What Alex initiated here is truly amazing and inspiring. I would recommend this experience to anyone! The kids are very open for any kind of education (even from someone that does not speak their language like me). I came to the Escolinha by myself and Alex was always available to answer any doubts I may have. Overall, I truly appreciate that I was able to contribute to the project and the Escolinha!

5 months ago



much more then just a volunteer work - this was a mind-blowing cultural and social immersion experience. i have learned so much i can't possibly put in words. the kids are absolutely gorgeous inside and out and the community is welcoming but extremely needy. this project has so much potential! but there are definitely some details that need to be best communicated between host-volunteers and the commitment needs more attention as well. overall, a life-changing experience for me and the other volunteers for sure, but i strongly believe we can do more for the community itself.

8 months ago

Alex replied

Daffny came to the Escolinha Itacoatiara in October 2021, and from the very first moment she was working totally on her own responsibility with the children. Everybody like her a lot and the children had a lot of fun. The communication with Daffny via whatsapp was always friendly and productive. Daffny, thank you so much for your visit, you will be always welcome back!



I have only spent a few days there because of my schedule and the host was pretty friendly about it and helped me a lot with information about the place.
It is a unique experience since it is a place you really feel you help your neighbor. The neighborhood is poor, people are very simple and it is definitely the place people have to go with a spirit of cooperation.
I found this idea of keeping a social school in a place like that awesome and that is what we really need everywhere to help people.
You should have in mind it is a needy place and you are really going to be helpful to them.

about 3 years ago

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