We're looking for a programmer: are you the one?

The Exchange

We are looking for individuals with software development skills to join us and contribute to our exciting and highly rewarding project. We are specifically looking for people with skills in mobile front end development: JavaScript, jQuery, mobile libraries, CSS3, cordova, node.js


20 hours of help per week

Web Developer: Help develop and maintain websites.

What you get

3 days off per week

Private Room: Have a private room to chill and relax just by yourself.

Shared Dorm: Be ready to meet people while staying in a shared dorm.

Team Dorm: You're part of a team! Get to know them in your dormitory.

Cook your own meal: Feel free to prepare your own meal here

Free Laundry: There's a special place where all the clothes get cleaned for free.

Free Drinks: Drink up! Get free and tasty drinks for yourself.

Free Parties: Party on! Get free parties and party all night long.

Certificate: Get a certificate of completion after you finish your experience.


Intermediate English or Beginner Spanish

Over 18 years old

What's not included

Flights, Travel Insurance, Internal Transportation and Visa

Program Details

We will be able to offer suitable successful applicants a salary and other company benefits in the future if we make a long term agreement including stock options.