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Travel by volunteering, have life-changing experiences, and make a positive impact with our community of more than 4.7 million travelers and welcoming hosts around the world.

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Understand how Worldpackers works

4.7 million travelers and hosts around the world
170,000 reviews written by our community
4.8 star average reviews for hosts
97% of members who send 3 applications receive responses from hosts
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A day in the life of a worldpacker

My first day volunteering in Portugal with Worldpackers!
My favorite day volunteering in Lisbon ​​​🌊​
A day volunteering in Germany ​🐄​​💗​
My days volunteering in San Juan, Puerto Rico 🦋​🌴​
A day on a fruit farm in the Italian Alps 🏔️​​🐐​
My days off in Puerto Rico 🌸​🌴​

What Worldpackers offers

Travel by collaborating with hosts

Our community has more than 9 years of history, more than 170,000 reviews exchanged, and hosts in more than 140 countries.

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Get ready with the Academy

Watch video classes made by travelers from our community, and learn how to have a lifestyle with more freedom, flexibility, and travel.

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Get inspired by our community Blog

Featuring content made by travelers from all over the world, just to inspire you to hit the road.

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