Living my dream of travelling the world! :) After 12 months volunteering in Asia/Oceania, now I'm exploring Europe. Please, let me inspire you to follow your dreams too... COURAGE!! :))

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Ajeet Singh

Thanks Gustavo, It’s been pleasure to host him , good with his work an commitment
Hope to see him again with our team in future!
Take care
Have fun



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Gustavo is a friendly and helping person. He is very positive and like to share his positive energy. It was a pleasure to have you among us Gustavo. Enjoy your trip ;)



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Staying with the Hathroi Family was such a pleasant experience.
Ajeet and his brother Ranjeet are amazing, clever and thoughful people, always with smiles in their faces... they even took me on tours for free!
The Chillout Rooftop is such a great place to chill and get good food.
Dorm with AC was perfect because this time of the year it gets so so hot (47o) lol
I am very thankful for everything and hope to see this guys again!
Absolutely reccomended for everyone to volunteer here!! :)
"Yesterday, I born"....



One of the most rewarding experiences I had around SE Asia... much better than I expected! I had the opp to participate in many activities: helping the monks with the 'alms', washing/caring the patients, cooking, physioterapy, teaching english, and a lot more... I learnt so much.
It's a life lesson to live among different kinds of people: poor, old, kids, disabled, blind, HIV positive, sick, international, monks etc. Volunteers also can attend Burmese classes and Monk-Guided meditation: loved it!
Very tough and yet very amazing experience... if you want to improve as Human, just go.



  • Intermediário: Espanhol
  • Iniciante: Japonês e Francês
  • Fluente: Inglês e Português


Sou Ninja!

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Electrical Engineer, graduated at São Paulo’s MACKENZIE University, and also completed the Administration course at INSPER Business School. Other than Portuguese, I speak English (advanced), Spanish (intermediate), French (basics) and Japanese (basic). I also play the Violin.

Experiências profissionais

I worked as a trainee at AREVA (French energy company) and afterwards worked my entire life up to now (8 years) at the British IT global company LOGICALIS as LATAM/GLOBAL Accounts Executive of Sales.

Experiências de viagem

Worldpackers posted my humble experience in Cambodia:

I have done some backpack travels… love to travel! Europe: France, UK, Belgium, Czech Rep., Switzerland, Greece, Spain, Germany, Italy. South America: Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay. USA also. So many stories… don’t know which one to tell now!

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