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Experiência no Reino Unido

Hostel Fort William, Reino Unido Aug/2018

Tarefas Domésticas, Consertos Gerais, Ajuda na Limpeza e Administração

Avaliação feito pelo anfitrião

Madelyn came to help us for the month of September. We found her to be easy to talk to, and she had a great, positive attitude when it came to both cleaning and talking to guests. She would always be welcome to return!

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Madelyn respondeu

Thank you very much! I loved working with you guys, and it was lovely to have the opportunity to spend the month with you in such a beautiful area. Thanks for being fun to work with, and for hosting me. :)

Experiência no Reino Unido

Hostel Anstruther, Reino Unido Aug/2018

Ajuda na Limpeza, Tarefas Domésticas e Recepção

Anfitrião não fez uma avaliação
Avaliação feita por Madelyn

I enjoyed volunteering at this hostel a LOT! The work is pretty easy-- about 2 hours of cleaning rooms in the morning, and then being available to check guests in after 4pm. There is a schedule that is quite fair, and allows everyone to have time to plan time outside of the hostel and travel around Fife! It's a quiet, peaceful town, but with lots of cute fishing towns within walking distance or short bus ride. I loved the hostel, and the guests who stay there are of a nice variety. I loved working here, and would recommend it to anyone who wants some beauty and the peace to enjoy it!

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Since she was born in California, USA, Madelyn has been traveling one way or another-- her love for exploring new places and cultures to share them with others has been growing just as long as she has! Drawing from varied experiences (including family road trips, cruises, studying abroad, and trips with friends just for the joy of it), she seeks to share truthful stories about her adventures in a way that combines practical tips and advice with the whimsy of discovery. Through her how-to articles and stories of transformational travel, Madelyn hopes that others will be inspired and helped on their own journeys through life... and maybe find their new favorite hole-in-the-wall café in Norway, or the best tea-seller in Jerusalem, along the way.

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After graduating from high school, I studied for two years at Calvary Chapel Bible College in California and in Israel. I am currently studying Business Administration and Communications.
Painting has long been a hobby of mine that I have nurtured through classes as well. I have samples of my artwork available upon request.

Experiências profissionais

I have had a great variety in my work experience as I have sought to narrow down my career pursuit and find what I enjoy. My longest standing job has been in private childcare (babysitting, nannying, and church daycare- 7 years). I have also tutored children in English (1 year), acted in and costumed local musical theatre productions (3 years), and worked in food service as a waitress, wedding caterer, and at a frozen yogurt shop (3 years).
I have strong phone and people skills and have worked for a semester as a front desk receptionist at a conference center in Southern California, as well as a month at a hostel as a receptionist.
Other work experience includes an internship at a study tour in Israel for a semester, where I was a resident advisor who managed student meal funds, helped students with interpersonal disputes, and became accomplished at cooking for large groups of people on a budget.
I’ve done a lot of things, and want to try everything!

Experiências de viagem

Along with being well-traveled within my own country, I have been many places outside of it. I have lived in Israel for a total of six months, traveled to meet family in Norway, and been to Athens, Paris, Berlin, and Germany’s Black Forest. I’ve been to Northern Ireland and England, and spent the summer of 2018 traveling for four months— two of which I was in Scotland as a Worldpacker, volunteering in housekeeping and reception at two different hostels.