* 26 but feel like a child still. * New places ✈️ for collect EXPERIENCES of EVERYTHING it's the engine of MY life: Knowing, feeling, tasting, sharing ... Well, in my experience as a volunteer, I'm like a chameleon for the tasks 😎 I can do whatever you ask for. There's just something that I DON'T REALLY like: Cook for others and sell stuff. I'll let the reviews "talk" for me 🤗

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Karina (Tahina) came to us by recommendation from another hostel. Unfortunately she arrived with us after a long time of travelling and her heart just wasn't in it from the beginning. She realised she needed to go home, which did leave us a bit stuck, but she was very apologetic and we did understand and agree - if she didn't want to be here then of course she needed to leave early. Perhaps because of that, Karina wasn't very sociable while she was here. But I think under different circumstances we could have had a completely different experience and we truly wish her the best for the future.


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It was really great, Tahina was here!
She was so helpful and committed to the hostel, and always had a look where she could support us. Thanks a lot!


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Nikki and Patrick are amazing hosts. They always take care of you, explain you every detail about the job. They're really patient.
Because of personal things I had to leave early, but it's a really good place.
If you're always looking for party this is not the place for you.
The tasks are easy. I just experienced some troubles because of the scottish accent of the people :'D, but besides that everything, it's really fair.
They are a lovely family and I would like to go back again when my problems get solved.
Thank you for everything :)!



The hostel is in a really good area! Exactly what you need for a comfy stay.
Tasks are very easy no matter your position (because they have different ones) and everything is well equipped not just for work but as a guest as well.
Really made great friends in there♥
The only thing that I had an issue was at the end of my experience. There were management change days before, and with this change, I didn't feel anymore the support on me.
I'm not saying they're mean, just saying it has to be an equal treatment because I felt wasn't like that for some volunteers.
Thanks for this experience



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Sou Ninja!
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Studying administration

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"Real life": Assistant, human resources & Quality control.

In other countries, i've been doing a lo tof things. I can do anything. Just one thing that I hate...Sales. Haha

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I've been in Chile and Europe thanks to Worldpackers. Besides explore almost my hole country by my own. I keep forward to know the entire world.

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