5 creative (and genius) ways to use Worldpackers volunteers (Real cases!)


Pousada Jacarandá - Trancoso/Brazil

Used Worldpackers to repair her Bed and Breakfast!

Analice from Pousada Jacarandá wanted so badly to innovate her place that she had the brilliant idea of recruiting 6 Worldpackers volunteers to help her repair her Bed and Breakfast. She handly selected volunteers with different (and complementary) skills - Cooking, Handyman, Painting & Decorating - to literally transform her business! The engaged and international team of Worldpackers stayed there for 1 month (sleeping in bungalows =O) and well… What can we say? A motivated team working together can achieve great things. Ok, the view from the bungalows might have given them an extra motivation...

Trip sleep - Belgrade/Serbia

Used a Worldpacker blogger/social media expert to promote the hostel and the city!

Iva from Trip and Sleep found Amy, a Worldpacker specializing in Social Media and who also runs her own Travel Blog (www.globetrotterguru.com). Amy was hungry for exploring Belgrade's and Serbia's history, tradition, culture, and lifestyle and found in Trip & Sleep her home away from home. Her main tasks as a Worldpacker included creating articles, taking beautiful photos and making nice videos about the city and also the hostel! The content was featured in 3 different web pages and several social networks - all targeted to the foreign audience. Check it out:http://tripandsleephostels.com/category/blog/

The Cosy Garden - Yangshuo/China

Used a Worldpacker to film the amazing landscapes of Yangshuo/China!

Gred from Cosy Garden needed a video maker to film the amazing landscapes of Yangshuo so he could promote his city and hostel as well. After posting the video making the position at Worldpackers.com, he came across the amazing Bernardo whose main job was to go out and explore the surroundings with his camera (Lucky boy…). Besides filming, Bernardo also had to cut and edit the material, which was no big deal as he is a pro! Prepare to be amazed by the final result: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=daIkgHx7Ppg

Hostel Alice - São Paulo/Brazil

Used a Worldpacker to develop a brand new Website for the hostel!

Denise, Alice Hostel’s owner, created a position for web developers on her profile at Worldpackers and guess what!? She soon received an application from Brendan, a North-American with high tech skills, willing to help her developing an amazing website for Hostel Alice! You can check out his work here: http://hostelalice.com/ . Denise now got a brand new website to reach out to her guests from all over the world and Brandon had, in his own words, the time of his life in Brazil.

Mezcal Hostel - Cancun/Mexico

Used Worldpackers to take guests to the best clubs and beaches in Cancun!

Our dear host Carlos from Mezcal Hostel really knows how to rock his place and make the guests’ experience something unforgettable! One of his strategies is to create an awesome atmosphere at his place by using Worldpackers volunteers. The Worldpacker Bruna, for example, had the mission to interact and connect with guests - which basically means her job was to make people have fun \o/ Her daily activities included: taking people to the paradisiacal Mexican beaches, increasing sales from the hostel bar and taking the guests to the nightclubs. Carlos still hasn’t found a solution for his guests' hangovers...

Have you ever used Worldpackers volunteers to innovate your place? Do you have any doubts on how to create these positions for your place? Just share with us below so we can get the best out of your experience :)

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