I born in Argentina, an amazing country with beautiful landscapes, but I moved to Europe three years ago, and I realised that home is not where you been born, home can be everywhere in the world. I love to travel because I'm a passionate about other cultures, more people from different countries I meet, more I feel that understand about the world.

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Yann / Emmy

It was a pleasure to have Ayelen in the team! The hostel's sunshine! We are missing her energy, her get-together attitude and of course, her ability to deal with troubles.
Daily tasks were greatly performed also. Wish all the best and hope to see her, again.
Kind Regards,


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Avaliações sobre Anfitriões


My experience at Willy Wallace couldn't have been better! The hostel is small but has everything, it's in the middle of the city so all the pubs and markets are close by. The tasks are easy and fair for everyone. The staff is great, everyone is super helpful and welcome. Yann the manager is really funny and cares about everyone, always open to new ideas to improve the hostel, and also he was really kind to give me some days off to explore the Highlands, so I would say that Stirling is a good place to make some base and explore the other cities around.



My experience at St. James was great because the staff was amazing, super friendly and helpful, the vibe of the hostel was also really good. The dinner with the staff and guest was a big plus to have a chat which everyone and create a family environment.
The hostel is huge and sometimes there is a lot of job to needs to be done and sometimes can be really quiet, but overall the task are not hard. My position as a receptionist support were mostly clean the common areas and keep the hostel as tidy as possible during my shift.



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  • Fluente: Inglês e Espanhol


Sou Ninja!
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Experiências de vida


I studied photography a few years ago, in Buenos Aires, where I also worked as a freelance photographer for a while. I started to study Graphic Design, also in Buenos Aires, to expand my artistic field, but I haven’t finish my course because I moved to Europe, where I hope some day I can finish it in here :)

Experiências profissionais

I came to Europe three years ago, and for two months I travel as much as I could, with a low budget , I visited Madrid, Lisbon, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Vienna, Praga and Paris.
I decided to move to London because I felt in love of the city. I lived there for 2 years at the end haha.
I moved to Amsterdam for one year looking for another experience, was the first time that I worked in a Hostel here (Ecomama, a sustainable and eco friendly Hostel) during this time I learned a lot about working in a Hostel, such task as reception, housekeeping, customer service and travel assistance, that made me feel the need of a new adventure.
I think that working in a Hostel is a great option for me, because I love to explore and learn about a city and share that experience with other travellers, I’m really interested in the history of a city and the local daily life. I believe that there is not a better way that learn another culture that living it with every day.

Experiências de viagem

I started to travel around my country when I was 18, but not alone, always with family or partners. Although I always had in my mind the idea of a solo travel around Europe, being a young woman alone around unknown countries made me feel scared the idea that I would be able to do it.
I can say that the stress of my previous job and the long shift hours helped me to make my dream come true. I felt tired and bored of this life, and I decided to take the risk, I didn’t know what I was doing, but like read once: is better to regret for something that you did and not for something that you didn’t.
After doing some research about Europe, hostels, solo travellers, I bought my one way ticket. I can say that was the best decision that I have ever made in my life. travelling around by my own was a huge challenge, but best life experience, the people I met and histories I listened to, combine with all the culture I discovered and makes me feel that I would love to do this the rest of my life.

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