• Idade: 24
  • Nacionalidade: Colômbia
  • Idiomas: Italiano, Francês, Espanhol e Inglês

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Experiência na Bélgica

Projeto sem fins lucrativos Oost-Vlaanderen, Bélgica Feb/2023

Construção e Reparos

Avaliação feito pelo anfitrião

Camilo is a delight to have had in our little community. He helped us in the renovation works: working hard to move old bricks out, cooking delicious meals, and cleaning. He’s independent, respectful and has strong values! Thanks for your time here, and for those who are looking to host Camilo, don’t hesitate!

  • Construção e Reparos
  • Pintura e Decoração
  • Artes
  • Proatividade
  • Flexibilidade
  • Socialização
  • Comunicação
  • Responsabilidade
  • Comprometimento
  • Inglês
  • Francês
  • Italiano
  • Espanhol

Experiência na Espanha

Abrigo de animais Girona, Espanha Dec/2022

Cuidado de Animais, Trabalho social e Construção e Reparos

Anfitrião não fez uma avaliação
Avaliação feita por Camilo

The shelter is nice place in the mountains where we take are of rescued animals. This experience helped me understand deeper what a sanctuary is, all the processes and, of course, the animals welfare! The tasks can be a bit hard, but it's totally worth it! I enjoyed it so much that I extended my stay two months more! I like that the community has also a voice in other current social movements. Perfect for connecting with people, animals and learning about veganism and much more.

Experiência na Bélgica

Escola sem fins lucrativos Antwerpen, Bélgica Sep/2022

Preparar Refeições, Ajudante de Cozinha e Bartender

Avaliação feito pelo anfitrião

It was really nice to have Camilo working here in the restaurant. He is sociable, good with the other volunteers and the guest here. Also smart and responsible. I would recommend him. Thank you for your time and energy Camilo!

  • Ajudante de Cozinha
  • Socialização
  • Inglês
  • Espanhol

Avaliação feita por Camilo

The school is a nice place to be. The tasks might be confusing since volunteers are in charge of serving, cleaning and other things related to the restaurant besides cooking. Sometimes can be a bit boring since the menu changes every two weeks, so there's not much new things to do or learn. It kinda feels like a job, I'd like it to be more of a volunteer experience, since it's not easy to meet other people and the hosts don't seem very interested in other activities besides the work. Alistair is very nice, he's open and very easy to talk to. Bed & the school are great! Sadly, not fully vegan.

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  • Inglês 6
  • Italiano 3
  • Francês 3


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  • Recepção 2
  • Cuidado de Animais 1
  • Ajudante de Cozinha 1
  • Turno da Noite 1
  • Escrever conteúdos
  • Preparar Refeições
  • Mídias Sociais
  • Ensinar Idiomas
Alguma experiência
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  • Ajuda na Limpeza 1
  • Jardinagem 1
  • Pintura e Decoração 1
  • Trabalho social 1
  • Administração
  • Cuidado de Crianças
  • Ajuda em Cultivos e Colheitas
  • Fotografia
  • Guia local
  • Produção de Vídeo
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  • Construção e Reparos 3
  • Bartender
  • Música
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  • Desenvolvimento Web

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Viajes, literatura y periodismo.

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I finished a masters degree in Spanish as a Foreign Language. I studied Languages in Colombia and completed the internship in Argentina. Then moved to Spain to study the master and I’m in Germany doing to internship.

Experiências profissionais

I have worked in some companies in Colombia that I really don’t need to mention. Then, I’ve been volunteering a lot since 2019, mostly in hostels but also in other fields, for example in a rescued-dogs shelter. I’m currently teaching Spanish in a German university and privately.

Experiências de viagem

I’ve been to two continents only, but I’m very fortunate that I’m always going somewhere else and moving around. The last country I traveled to for tourism was Ecuador and the last one I’ve been is Germany.