• Idade: 35
  • Nacionalidade: México
  • Idiomas: Indonésio, Inglês, Francês e Espanhol

Experiências de Voluntariado

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Experiência no Vietnã

Hostel Quận 1, Vietnã Jan/2020

Ajuda na Limpeza, Administração e Recepção

Anfitrião não fez uma avaliação
Avaliação feita por Carolina

The location is great and the family running this hostel is nice and always ready to help you. I had spent quality of time with them and others volunteers, not only when I was working, also during my free time. The work is entertaining, a good thing is that you always have the same shift hours and free days, but also they are flexible. I stayed longer than expected cause is not easy to leave this lovely place.

Experiência no Vietnã

Guest House Phan Thiet, Vietnã Dec/2019

Ajudante de Cozinha, Recepção e Bartender

Avaliação feito pelo anfitrião

Carolina has a beautiful, gentle personality and was 100% reliable, committed and trustworthy. It was a pleasure to have her on our team and I can highly recommend her as a volunteer. We would welcome her back any time.

  • Responsabilidade
  • Socialização
  • Proatividade
  • Comprometimento

Avaliação feita por Carolina

I had an exceptional stay with Karen and Sam ! They are really friendly and welcoming, when I first arrived they showed me around and made me feel home. I will always remember my time there, specially for the people I met and the beauty around them.

Experiência na Tailândia

Hostel Bangkok, Tailândia Jul/2018

Pintura e Decoração e Artes

Anfitrião não fez uma avaliação

Certificados da Academy

A Worldpackers Academy foi criada para preparar os viajantes da comunidade para serem voluntários comprometidos e engajados.


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Versão em Espanhol

Assistiu nossa série de vídeos sobre como funciona a experiência de voluntariado e quais serão suas responsabilidades como um voluntário.

I love to change and alter my life, travel and cross people on the road. I am gathering experiences, collecting adventures and recollecting feelings with a vague idea of future. I am serious and sociable, enjoyer of life, music buff, street art enthusiastic, culturally aware and respectful with nature.

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  • Indonésio


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  • Administração
  • Ajuda na Limpeza
  • Tarefas Domésticas
  • Ajudante de Cozinha
  • Turno da Noite
  • Recepção
  • Trabalho social
  • Guia local
Alguma experiência
  • Artes
  • Cuidado de Crianças
  • Preparar Refeições
  • Consertos Gerais
  • Pintura e Decoração
  • Organizar Eventos e Festas
  • Fotografia
  • Mídias Sociais
  • Ensinar Idiomas
  • Ensinar Esportes
Quero aprender
  • Bartender
  • Ajuda em Cultivos e Colheitas
  • Jardinagem
  • Música

Experiências de vida


August 2017- May 2018 - Cultural exchange in Indonesia
June 2014: Formation of International Work camps Leaders, VIMEX, Mexico.
May 2013: Formation d’animateurs de chantiers internatinaux, Solidarités Jeunesses, France.
2009-2012: Diploma in Aerial Silks, Cirko de Mente, Xik'nal Aerial Dance, Mexico.
09/2011-01/2012: Diploma in Teaching of Spanish
2004-2009: Degree in Tourism

Experiências profissionais

Professionally, as Program Coordinator: follow-up of projects related to urbanism and local development in Tulum; calculating budgets for various projects, as well as the yearly budget at the association. Resource management, creation of articles for the association website, translation of texts from English to Spanish, seeking for community liaison opportunities, development of projects with the local community, integration of tourists to local life through several ventures.

Instead, I have been working as receptionist in hotels and hostels: reception of guests, check-in, check-out, customer service, reservations control in extranet, selling tours, inventory of the restaurant and the hotel; housekeeping functions: coordination of maids, supervision and logistic control of cleaning of the restaurant and hotel; coordination with the maintenance area, requests to hotel and restaurant suppliers, cashier at the hotel and restaurant: handling the bank terminal, Smart, Booking.

Enterprising: Owner and creator of Xik'nal Aerial Dance, a cultural space for the development of contemporary circus arts in Toluca. Organization, coordination, administrative and financial management of the center. Development, planning and execution of permanent and temporary workshops and courses related to other artistic disciplines., as well as acrobatic and circus events locally and regionally.
Public relations activities related to the participation of the center in independent cultural events on a local and regional level, as well as private and government-financed events. Carrying out market research for the acquisition of customers, and management of cash inflows and outflows.
Customer service and group management as an instructor of aerial acrobatics courses. Personnel management: coordination and training of instructors. Collaboration with and promotion of other independent artistic troupes and associations, and coordination of photo exhibition held at the center facilities.

Experiências de viagem

Brainstorm Homeschool, Chiang Mai, Thailand.
June - July 2018: Volunteering as an online English tutor for adults and children. Main goals to help with assignments and grammar questions, improving the pronunciation, getting experience speaking. Using tools like games, songs and different websites to improve the interest and confidence with the students.

AIRBNB Workaway, Brooklyn (NYC)
September 2016: Volunteering: helping support in private Airbnb business: light housecleaning, accommodations preparation, light yard work. Office work: guest check-in and check-out, guest’s complementary information.

International Volunteer «Housing» Accueil et Vie, Belgium
Nov 2014- Feb 2015: International Volunteer «Day Center » Accueil et Vie, Belgium: Support and assistance in workshops and activities created for people with mild mental disability. Group coordination and encouragement.

Oct 2013-Mar 2014: Participation in the everyday lives of people with mild mental disability (accompanying them to medical appointments, assisting them in carrying out outdoor activities and household chores, etc.). Managing the group in the process of organizing communal life. Production and creation of a monthly gazette about the activities of the communal house residents. Yoga classes for the residents. Participation in the planning and logistics of events held in the communal house through the association.

International Volunteer Ferme du Faï, France
Feb-Oct 2013: Responsible for the organization of the community and the Accommodation Center. Social work with people in rehab programs or with those experiencing social difficulties, in order to integrate them to everyday life.
Managing the reception of groups, families, tourists and volunteers from international work camps. Camp Leader at the international work camps (functions: organization of everyday activities, encouragement, work logistics). Restoration works in the association facilities, and for the Les Amis de L’Abbaye de Clausonne association. Participation in the planning and organization processes, as well as in the promotion of local and regional festivals.