I'm just a regular guy like you who decided to save money, quit his job, leave his comfort zone, grabbed his backpack full of dreams and went to explore this amazing world of us. Join me! :)

Avaliações Recebidas


Federico helped us a lot on the hostel tasks. He's always polite, friendly and in a good mood. Our doors are always open for you. Come back to visit us anytime!


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Very hardworking, compassionate, and a pleasure to work with!


  • Pró-atividade
  • Responsabilidade
  • Comprometimento
  • Sociabilidade

Avaliações sobre Anfitriões


An experience that exceeded all my expectations. Working at Queen Hostel was a pure pleasure. All the staff and volunteers were always willing to help, with a smile, and they treated me like family. I learned a lot during this time, the schedule was always respected, the work required was not hard or demanding and there was always a chill atmosphere at the bar! It's hard now to say goodbye... Absolutely recommended!



This opportunity was beyond of what I was expecting. I not just were part of a beautiful local cause but also made many many friends ok the way. Cody and Annisha were extremely nice and friendly and they made me feel like in home at all time. I have nothing but positives things to say about Sprout and this volunteer opportunity :)



  • Fluente: Inglês e Espanhol


Sou Ninja!
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Experiências de vida


I graduated from High School and went to University to study Tourism but later that year I decided to quit College and star to follow my passion which is to become a Commercial Pilot.
Later in 2017, I graduated as a Bartender.

Experiências profissionais

- I worked at my family's Holiday Resort during 4 summers in the reception, as a waiter (on weekends) and also did some guided tours to our guests around the mountain range.
- I've worked at a Law Office (commercial area) managing credit cards debts.

- I did my first volunteer in NYC with a non-profit called Sprout, I was a tour guide for people with developmental disabilities. Our mission as leaders was to make the most out of the trips so they have an unforgettable vacation! We had many responsibilities which made me improve a lot as a person. Lovely experience.

- Receptionist in L'Imbarcadero Hostel in Venice, Italy. A job that helped me develop some new skills and made me make friends for life! Bets job I've ever had so far.

- I'm a Wolrdpacker's Blogger since December 2018

Experiências de viagem

I lived in the USA for 4 years and on my last trip I did a volunteer as a tour guide and travelled around New York, New Jersey, Boston, Vermont, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Philadelphia with an NGO.
At the moment I'm living in Italy and also went to Split and Hvar in Croatia.

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